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    Eat & Swig

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    -347 Spring Street, Jeffersonville, IN, 47130

    One of the most iconic and oldest confectionaries in the nation, Schimpff’s holds a lot more than just candy, but a deep history dating back to 1891. With a museum next door that also allows viewing of the candy making process by practiced confectioners, Schimpff’s is an entertainment of its own and the people in Kentuckiana can’t get enough. One of their more popular items are the Red Hot Candies, which they fashion into adorable hearts to sell in bags and jars for Valentine’s Day.

    LC: “What makes the Red Hot Hearts such a hit?”


    Stephanie, Confectioner at Schimpff’s: “It’s one of our most popular pieces year round in the square shape, so we fashion it into a heart shape for the holidays. Schimpff’s is the oldest candy store in the world and that brings us a lot of notoriety.”


    Ghyslain on Market

    -721 East Market, Louisville, KY, 40202 (NuLu)

    If you aren’t familiar with NuLu, I suggest you take a trip down Market closer to Baxter and visit this absolutely wonderful French chocolate shop and bistro. If you have been to Ghyslain you’ve probably gazed into their chocolate cases in awe of the perfection and hand crafted beauty, something that must take time to master no doubt. Their website is beautifully laid out and offers online shopping items that feature some of their Valentine’s Day specials, such as The Window Heart Box that can be customized to fill 12 different chocolate hearts and truffles, The Valentine Sleeve that holds six hand painted hearts and one truffle, and The Red Croc Heart that comes in varying sized and prices of 15 and 27 count.



    -630 East Market, Louisville, KY, 40202 (NuLu)

    Muth’s has been a classic in Louisville since 1921, notorious for their modjeskas, bourbon balls, and their specific Derby Collection that includes The Derby Jackpot Pulls which has 20 chocolate medalians embossed with horse heads, the small and large horse head in a horse shoe, and a fleur-de-lis, a top seller. With extremely affordable prices and varied assortment boxes available in multiple sizes that can be viewed and purchased online, I’m sure your wallet and Valentine will thank you!


    Cellar Door Chocolates

    -1201 Story Ave, Louisville, KY, 40206 (Butchertown)

    Now I have to admit, when I heard about The Cellar Door’s main feature item on Valentine’s Day, my heart skipped a beat… no pun intended. The staff at The Cellar Door makes a hand painted, dark chocolate, ANATOMICALLY CORRECT heart for Valentine’s Day. So most people think of hearts coloured pink, red, and purple while The Cellar Door chocolatiers are wrapped up in their aorta, vena cava, left ventricle, and semi-lunar valves. Along with this macabre treat, they offer many different treats such as truffles shaped and molded into bugs and sugar Valentine lollipops that say “Bae”. No kidding.

    LC: “What inspired this unbelievable unique design?”


    Christina, Chocolatier for The Cellar Door: “The owner is into different and unique items, even weird. It’s an unconventional item that will catch the eye and isn’t really offered anywhere else. The setting process is a little weird, you have to make sure each little crevice is coated so there is a constant rotation happening of the molds.”

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