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    The body mass index (BMI) is the registering for human body fat based on your weight and height. This chart applies to everyone and can be easily accessed through web databases and even at your doctors. Kentucky recently approved an idea to have schools calculate and record the children’s BMI. This will help with keeping children from becoming obese and also work to reverse the effects of obesity.

    Kentucky was ranked third in having obese children ranging from ages 10-17. Being obese can lead to major health problems, and stopping this and working to make Kentucky a more healthy state is a amazing thing. Obesity can cause people to have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and many more things.  If we start taking the children's BMI’s in schools then working to stop this can be started before unnecessary weight is gained.

    The sooner this starts the sooner we will see children eating healthy and becoming healthy. This will also lead in families eating better and not eating out so much. If people see the risks and can see the damage it can cause then they will start to become healthier. The reason I say this is because people don’t see all the risks to eating unhealthy, when they do see it and are shown and informed of these problems they can work to change and make their life and their children’s better.

    This plan is set to go into effect on the 2012-13 school years. These screenings would be given during the annual exam from preschool through fifth grade and then once in middle school and high school. This way if caught in younger children then the sooner they start eating healthy the easier it will be on families. Families will be able to find out eating healthy and just cutting some portions and eating more vegetables can help in many way, and taste good as well.

    So let’s keep making Kentucky a great place to live! I think the Senator has done well in this and has made it clear that we want our children to grow up healthier and live longer with less chance of diseases and health issues. And if you want to find a source to calculate your own BMI and see where you stand on the chart just type in “BMI” in your search bar and many services are available to calculate what yours is.

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    First and foremost I'm a mom. I'm also a recent graduate from the University of Louisville and love to cook! Especially healthy foods.

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