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    Like Brown and Forman, Hillerich and Bradsby, and Jerry Abramson and Cordish Companies, Karen Sypher and Rick Pitino are a Louisville duo slated for the ages.

    Got a good joke (and unless you're a University of Louisville fan, you probably do)? Post it in the comments.


    "[Pitino] said it began when she started rubbing his leg as they were sitting at the bar, then suggested that they go to a booth. 'One thing led to another,' Pitino said. He said he got nervous after Sypher told him she was very fertile and joked that her first husband once got her pregnant just by looking at her. 'Our encounter lasted less than 15 seconds,' Pitino said." [Courier-Journal]

    "Defense attorney asks how could she have become pregnant then if he
    did not ejaculate. Pitino testifies, 'I did, down my leg.'" [Deadspin]

    "Sgt. Andy Abbott said in an investigative summary that Sypher failed, for example, to disclose that another person was at Porcini Restaurant when she said the first incident occurred. That witness, Vinnie Tatum, an executive assistant to Pitino, told the FBI that he didn't see what happened but heard 'only the sounds of two people that seemed to be enjoying themselves during a sexual encounter,' according to Abbott's report." [USA Today]

    "Sypher insists Pitino forced her to have an abortion, even though she felt it was murder. 'This is all I have of the baby," she said yesterday, holding up the ultrasound picture taken the day of the procedure. "I'll never forget. I wanted to have the baby, but Rick said my children would all be in concrete. I lived in fear for five years,' she said. 'I prayed to God, 'Please, I don't want this.' When they called my name [at the clinic], I stood up.' But paperwork Sypher filled out at the clinic, which she provided to The Post, contradicts her account. She checked off boxes indicating she felt 'confident' and 'strong' that she was doing the right thing." [New York Post]

    "As Karen Sypher came out of the abortion clinic, Tim Sypher said he
    extended his hand, prompting 'a look I'll never forget.' On the
    75-minute ride back from Cincinnati, a romance started." [Associated Press]

    "Times aren't easy, but if I can get through 9/11, I can get through anything in my life,' [Pitino said]. 'And I got through 9/11 and there's nothing ever going to come close to that. We'll get through this in a positive way and move on." [Deadspin]

    "'Everything that's been printed, everything that's been reported, everything that's been breaking in the news on the day Ted Kennedy died is 100 percent a lie, a lie,' Pitino said." [ESPN]

    "[Dana] Kolter, a lawyer who also teaches martial arts, testified that
    he met Sypher in 2005 when he pulled out of his reserved parking place
    downtown and Sypher asked if she could use it...He said they first had sex in September that year, when she agreed to
    serve as a model for him at the 'Hot Bikes' motorcycle show, where he
    was trying to promote his new bike-rental business, Hoosier Daddy. On Valentine's Day 2008, she came to his office in 'an outfit
    appropriate' for that holiday and performed oral sex on him, during
    which he said she agreed to be photographed, he testified. 'Is that your abdomen?' Kuhn asked Kolter, showing one of the pictures to the jury. 'Unfortunately, yes,' Kolter said." [USA Today]

    "Likening herself to African-American civil-rights hero Rosa Parks, Sypher said she will continue fighting in hopes that “power and money don't prevail, that the truth prevails eventually.'" [Courier-Journal]


    Why did it only take Rick Pitino 15 seconds to finish his business with Karen Sypher? 'Cause he thought the shot clock was expiring.

    Pitino should be careful because "a woman runs faster with her skirt up than a man with his pants down."

    "The coach's attorney says the $3,000 given to Karen Cunagin Sypher was not for an abortion but to help her buy medical insurance, furnishing America with yet another argument in favor of a single-payer model." [Deadspin]

    I heard Sypher was really hoping for a hung jury.

    Maybe you heard that the Pitino lasted only 15 seconds when having sex with Sypher. Last night I heard someone say "she had his 15 seconds of fame."

    Pitino has never been the best bench coach, and he might not know much about 's and Os, but he's an expert on exs and hoes.

    Rumor has it the first question the prosecuting attorney asked Pitino was, "Why didn't you front Christian Laettner?"

    Pitino recently changed defensive schemes from a box in one to a table for two.

    Porcini's new special is red snapper stuffed with aged Italian sausage.

    Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino admits he got drunk, had
    sex, and later paid for the abortion of a woman now accused of trying to
    extort $10 million dollars from him. In other words, preparing his
    players for the NBA. [Jerry Wolski]

    "According to, a reliable source says Quincy wants to sign with Louisville but is worried that Pitino could potentially hold him back from being a one-and-done player. I find this hard to believe because, as we recently found out in the Sypher trial, Rick Pitino isn’t afraid to let his kids go early." [Kentucky Sports Radio]