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    Legendary outlaws Bonnie and Clyde are sticking up the Derby Dinner Playhouse! If you’re looking for a wild night, look no further. Bonnie and Clyde has everything from gunfights to love at first sight, and it is sure to be fun for everyone.

    Set in depression era Texas, the play begins at the end with Bonnie and Clyde’s tragic fate. The story then flashes back to a young Bonnie and Clyde, portrayed by Caroline Siegrist and Roman Tate, singing of their hopes and dreams for the future. Bonnie wants to be famous and idolizes movie star Clara Bow while Clyde wants what he can’t have and plans to get it with a gun like Billy the Kid or Al Capone. Siegrist and Tate are very talented young actors. They set the stage for the entire show with their invigorating first number.

    The story then follows Bonnie, Madeline Perrone, as she meets a fugitive Clyde, Michael McClure, who is on the run after breaking out of prison with his brother Buck. The two immediately fall in love, but their crime spree doesn’t start right away. Their story isn’t as simple as we imagine. At the nagging of his wife Blanche (portrayed to perfection by Sara King), Buck (Jordan Cyphert) decides to start a new life by turning himself in. However, his brother does not follow in his footsteps. After a run in with the law, Clyde is thrown back in jail just as soon as Buck is released. The story takes a dark turn as Clyde is transformed into a hardened criminal and killer when he is abused in prison. With Bonnie’s help, Clyde breaks out of prison again, and they begin their crime spree. Bonnie and Clyde get to live out their childhood dreams of being rich and famous, if only for a short while.

    As always at Derby Dinner, the entire cast does an amazing job. From the main characters to the ensemble, everyone is perfectly suited and prepared for their roles, but I have to say that the star of the show is Sara King. King plays Buck’s wife (Clyde’s sister-in-law) Blanche. She shined in every scene. Everything from her accent to her mannerisms to her singing was executed flawlessly. The song she sings with Madeline Perrone (Bonnie) called “You Love Who You Love” was easily my favorite along with “Raise A Little Hell.” I am always amazed by how the actors use the stage, the space and the props to their advantage. A dinner theater stage is so much different than a traditional theater stage, but Derby Dinner always makes it work. The costuming also impressed me. Usually, the fashion of the ‘30s gets overlooked because of the depression. The costumes, specifically Bonnie’s, were on point and even look like the few pictures history has of this infamous redhead.

    The underlying themes of this production are relatable. Many people want to be famous or rich, and they feel that taking extreme measures is the only way to get there. The cost of fame for Bonnie was her life, and the cost of riches for Clyde was his. Bonnie and Clyde are the embodiment of the saying “live fast and die young,” and I think that’s why they are still famous today. Their story lives on because there’s a bit of romance in that saying and in the idea of living for the moment no matter what the consequences are.

    Bonnie and Clyde can be found at Derby Dinner Playhouse until March 29th. Evening and matinee shows are on the schedule with tickets ranging in price from $36 to $45. You get more for your money at Derby Dinner with a delicious meal and pre-show entertainment included in the ticket price. Because of the graphic nature of this show, it is recommended for patrons 15 and up. Get your tickets today before they’re stolen!

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