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    In fashion there's always a balance of choosing the trends to follow and choosing the trends that are right for you. The same goes for sunglasses. While there are some styles that just need to be put to rest (do we all remember the “shield” style? Facing the day shouldn’t require that much protective gear), let’s help you find the frame shape and the style that puts your best face forward.

    Oval-shaped face: Congratulations, you get to wear any style you like. Experiment with different frame shapes to really mix it up. If your hair tends to reach Texas-sized heights, feel free to experiment with larger frames. Big hair balances big frames so you’re in no danger of losing yourself behind your shades.

    Round face: Though you’re just shy of being oval, your selection is slightly restricted. Balance your roundness by choosing more angular frames. Choose frames that will elongate the face, like higher brow bars or double brow styles.

    Diamond-shaped face: If the widest part of your face is your super high cheekbones, you’re a diamond in the rough. Go for oval frames that will soften your angles or for square frames with soft edges to balance your cheekbones.

    Square-shaped face: if your features are all of equal width and you have a strong jaw line, go for round or oval shapes. For the quirky girls, try the cat eye style. The round rims mix things up and the cat eye draws the eye up ward, adding definition.

    Triangular or Heart-shaped face: With a wide forehead and narrow chin, look for styles that will soften the severity of your jaw-line. Rimless styles are great as well as square frames with soft edges. Those will balance out your chin while not putting two harsh styles back to back. 

    Thank you to Dot Fox, Why Louisville, and The Nitty Gritty for the fabulous shades.

    Fashionably yours,

    Chic Geek

    P.S. Please do me a favor and do not have sunglasses on your person or as an outfit accessory after 8pm.

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    About C Caswell

    By trade I am the Style Editor of Louisville Magazine and Louisville Bride. In addition to that I contribute fashion commentary on-air, and regularly produce various fashion shows locally.

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