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    The National Weather Service brings the rumble of thunderstorms to the Fairdale
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    I don’t typically care much for “small talk”.  When prompted by an attempt at friendliness I will, of course, answer, but outside of agreeable sardonic behavior and euphemisms, I don’t have much use for Saltine topics like, oh, you know – the weather.  It’s obvious, it’s everywhere and it is a subject that should really only be broached on a plebian level at 1:30 in the morning after an evening of lowered inhibitions.  But bus stop amateurs notwithstanding, the weather, in all its natural glory, is actually quite a fascinating marvel of the science.  One of the last environmental frontiers that can still conquer our mighty human hubris.  In this vein, The National Weather Service pushes all pleasantries aside and introduces the science and system of local weather patterns as part of the newly-launched series A Sense of Place: The Natural Areas of Jefferson County at the Fairdale branch of the Louisville Library. 

    The newest and greenest branch of the Louisville Free Public Library system, the Fairdale Library is now extending the eco-friendly vibrato to their programming.  In celebration of our lovely and spectacular natural world, the Fairdale branch has partnered with the Jefferson Memorial Forest and devised a year-long series of lectures and workshops highlighting local wonders called A Sense of Place: The Natural Areas of Jefferson County.

    The program will feature a myriad of local and regional experts from various backgrounds in an effort to engage Louisvillians in a deeper appreciation for our natural bounty.  Planned to occur regularly in the second week of each month, the series will include a discussion on Wednesdays at 7pm on the library premises and follow up with a hands-on workshop the proceeding Saturday at assorted spots of natural interest in the region.  Tonight marks the second month of programming and will, as previously mentioned, focus on area weather as National Service Representatives Mike Callahan and Mike Crow de-mystify meteorology.   Mike Callahan will begin the theme with the presentation Thunderstorms of the Ohio Valley tonight at 7pm, while Mr. Mike Crow conducts the workshop How to Observe Surface Weather this Saturday, August 11th at 9am.  All lectures are free to the public, but workshops do incur a small fee for supplies.

    Interested in the weather outside of mindless chatter?  Spice up small-talk with some serious science stuff and give the natural world your full ear this week at the Fairdale Library.

    For more information, or to register for Mike Crow’s workshop, call the Jefferson Memorial Forest at (502) 368-5404.  The Fairdale branch of the Louisville Free Public Library is located at 10620 Manslick Road.

    Image: Courtesy of Photobucket

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