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    The Lowdown from Future Rock
    interview by Jason Walsh

    The intense sensory-overloaded circuitry malfunctions of Chicago’s Future Rock will be electrifying audiences this year with good friends and cohorts in crime, Disco Biscuits from Philadelphia. This trio from the windy city will be coming to Headliners Music Hall in Louisville fronting their unique blend of electronica that, in their own words, “exhibits an uncommon grasp of minimalist, yet visceral rock.” The dance party starts on January 28 and I had a chance to catch up with Felix Moreno of Future Rock while on the road of the Winter Tour 2009 to talk about the shows, their outfit, and of course, the future…

    JW: First, how are you doing coming into the new year? What were the highlights from last year?

    MORENO: We had a tremendous sold-out New Year’s Eve show in Chicago in which Daedelus and Eliot Lipp, musicians for which we have great respect, supported. I'm
    still riding a high from that special night. There were many other special
    nights in 2008 for Future Rock, including Halloween at the National in Richmond and
    Wicker Park fest in Chicago.
     JW: How did you get on this short leg with Disco Biscuits?

    MORENO: We have a long-standing relationship with the Disco Biscuits. This is our second tour with them. We love working with them and I think they feel the same way.
    JW: I saw they have a pretty long schedule booked? Are you just with them for the eight shows that ends in Knoxville, or will you be continuing on with them into February?
    MORENO: I'm not sure where things stand as far as the remaining Disco Biscuits shows. It would be fun to go on tour with them forever, but we have other goals and shows of our own to play.
    JW: Is this the first time you guys have hooked up with them and, if not, what’s it like on the road with them?

    MORENO: Definitely not our first time and it’s wild. We'll leave it there.
    JW: How did you guys get into doing this?

    MORENO: We met in college, started playing together. Haven't looked back since.
    JW: How did the group come to form?
    MORENO: Mickey and I started playing together at Northwestern. The music wasn't
    electronic at first, but after Mickey got his first synth, its just snowballed. We picked up Darren to play drums about three or four years ago and he added the whole electronic drums, live-looping aspect.
    JW: What is the live experience like?

    MORENO: Intense, electronic, fist-pumping, drenched-in-sweat dance party.
    JW: What is it about electronic music that has such a big draw?
    MORENO: People like to dance and the timbres feel new and hip, not like the
    traditional rock sound and feel.
    JW: What is it about Future Rock that is different, even unique, compared to other performers out there?

    MORENO: I think Future Rock hits a little harder then most. There isn't any down-time.
    We want you getting down hard from start to finish. Also, I don't think there are many bands that are true hybrids of the rock and electronic like Future Rock.
    JW: Why do you do this? What keeps you motivated and interested?

    MORENO: I really couldn't imagine doing anything else. This is just what we do
    and is it true to ourselves and completely real.
     JW: After these shows, what's the future hold for Future Rock?

    MORENO: We're assembling material for a live album and writing music trying to
    assemble material for a third studio release. Of course, more touring is on the agenda. Also, there is a talk of a music video.
    JW: What would you say to encourage folks in the Louisville area to come out and see Future Rock and the Disco Biscuits?
    MORENO: Do you like good music? Do you like to dance? Do you like to Party?
    JW: Any last words for the folks in Louisville?

    MORENO: I genuinely love Louisville. Have made many trips from Chicago and am
    pumped to finally play there.


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