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    Intrigued by the dramatic feminist conversation constantly broadcasted by my roommate’s television, I surrendered to yet another wine-filled late night of binge-watching an entire season of a new show. However, this wasn’t technically a new show. It was Showtime’s cult classic from 2005, "The L Word."

    And though the characters’ fashion and slang were both comically outdated, the romantic and heart-breaking drama which unfolded before my eyes undeniably captured my attention and I was hooked. And those who religiously watched the show as it aired, or just recently binged on the series when it finally came to Netflix, know just how addicting the storyline is. How can anyone resist an afternoon out with the characters at their favorite California café, The Planet?


    So needless to say, when I heard that there was a bar in the Highlands with the same name, I was ecstatic. I had to investigate to find out if its name was shared with the café on the show simply by coincidence, or if Bardstown Road's The Planet was truly Louisville’s own little piece of "The L Word." And upon my first arrival, I knew my expectations for the latter were about to be met.

    I stepped into a quaint dark room dimly lit with purple lights and elegantly decorated with white tables, small plush white sofas and matching chairs. An acoustic duet was performing 90’s soft rock covers in the corner and gathered around the bar and throughout the lounge was a mix of both straight and lesbian women of all ages, along with the occasional male friend who likely just tagged along for the $2 beer special. It was undeniably a nighttime version of my favorite show's The Planet.

    Image: The Planet

    Determined to find the evening’s manager to discuss the business’ relation to "The L Word," I ordered a surprisingly strong cocktail and spoke with the bartender. As luck would have it, one of the bar’s co-owners, Jennifer Gilland, was actually there that night and is always willing to chat with her patrons.

    “I watched 'The L Word' and loved the show, and loved the name of the bar,” Gilland admitted. “For me, the name ‘The Planet’ sort of encompasses everyone. I mean, obviously, I took the name from 'The L Word' and wanted people to know it came from the show. But for me, more than anything, the name is about being in the Highlands, being an eclectic neighborhood bar and being a bar that welcomes everyone. It’s about good music, it’s about good energy and it’s about bringing everyone in together.”

    And with that perfectly satisfying explanation of what the bar truly represents, I continued my conversation with the owner of The Planet in typical fangirl fashion as we ventured away from our topic of discussion from business to the drama of our favorite television show.

    I ended my first night at The Planet with a $2 bottle of Falls City’s Hipster Repellent and another reason to be thankful for Louisville’s diverse community and ever eclectic experiences. Did I spend my night at a Highlands gay bar? I wouldn’t say so. I spent my night at The Planet, where everyone is welcome. 

    Image: The Planet

    The Planet is located at 1565 Bardstown Road. 

    Wednesday - Thursday: 6pm - 12am
    Friday - Saturday: 6pm - 4am
    Sunday: 11am - 4pm (Brunch is served from 11am - 2pm)

    Image: The Planet

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