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    Wells with Al Snow and Brian Cunningham at Thoughtfly Films StudioLouisville based actor John  Wells may be finding himself in films across the country, but his latest project brings him back to his roots in the Derby City. He's really excited about the upcoming Louisville based production Loss Prevention

    The comedy action film is Thoughtfly Films' 2nd feature length film, and they've asked Wells to work with them again. (He played a lead role in their first feature Overtime, which is now fully distributed and available in stores.) This film features a villainous role written just for Wells, which is quite an honor.

    "That's a wonderful thing for actors," he said. "It means they (writers and directors) trust you and respect your work."

    Although his Overtime co-star Al Snow will also be returning for Loss Prevention, Wells claims there are no similarities whatsoever to the first film. He is thrilled to be working with the wrestler and actor again. He also looks forward to playing a villain. The character is very dynamic and unlike anything he's done before, so he expects to have a tremendous amount of fun with it. Although he didn't go into much detail, I was able to get a little more information in a separate interview with Thoughtfly Films. 

    "He's a really geeky villain," said Thoughtfly Films writer and director Brian Cunningham. "He smokes an E-Cig!"

    Wells plays a lovable drunk in "Piranha Sharks"


    Thoughtfly isn't the only production company that trusts John enough to invite him back for a second film. In the last couple years, the actor was featured by Leigh Scott  in the films Penny Dreadful Picture Show and Piranha Sharks. Snow also worked on the cast of these films, so the two have gotten to know each other pretty well. "I love Al. He's one of my favorite people to work with," said Wells. "He's one of those great people that if someone said something bad about him, you'd know there was something wrong with the guy who said that."

    He elaborated on Scott's second film by saying, "Piranha Sharks was like a big party. The director got a bunch of people together he knew and liked working with.  We all pretty much knew each other and get along really well and had a lot of fun. I think that really comes across on screen."Piranha Sharks will be distributed early spring 2015.  

    Wells as Korlan MaganOne of his more interesting roles came along in 2014 when he played Korlan Magan, a dark shadow Elf prince. The role was for a medieval fantasy tv pilot for a show called  The Rangers, which has not been released yet. Wells said it was so much fun because the character is such an over-the-top evil villain from the Middle Ages.

    So, what else is in the works besides Loss Prevention? A truly recognizable role. Wells has been cast as Wilhelm Grimm (of the Brothers Grimm) in the dark fantasy Snow trilogy. The first film has flashbacks of his character, but the second film is all about his adventures with his brother. Wells will be working on the trilogy by writer/director Jason Hough in Alabama in June 2015.

    Wells is known for an exuberant dedication and passion for honing his craft coupled with a very high level of professionalism. It's no wonder he is always working. It certainly seems as though Wells has a broad range of acting ability. His roles have varied from hit man to farmer, vampire to elf, and business man to creepy goth kid. These are just a few examples, but he says he looks for roles that will stretch his abilities and contrast what he's already done. He tries to be selective of the projects he participates in, although he will occasionally do "B" horror films if they are really interesting or pay well. 

    Wells is Wilhelm Grimm"Every role is a proving ground. It would be nice if we could do everything we wanted or that was our choice, but until you're an A-lister, that isn't always realistic."

    I wondered if the talented actor has ever thought about writing, since he has so many contacts and talents. He used to write and sketch in addition to spending years as a singer/songwriter, but said he isn't really that interested now. He said this may be the year he tries his hand at producing."As an actor, you're at the mercy of others. Even after booking gigs, you're spending a lot of time waiting by the phone. I think I'd be good at producing, because I like to be in control and make things happen."

    He really knows how to make things happen, too. As broad and refined as his talent for acting may be, there is another reason that people find him inspiring. Wells is a fitness trainer with an amazing body; that's something he never saw happening when he was a teenager. After high school, John lost over 100 pounds and completely transformed his lifestyle. As fitness went from an obsession to a lifestyle, he began helping others. His fitness training and acting career took off, but John found himself facing a new difficulty: a rare and extreme case of scoliosis.

    Wells speaks to the National Guard

    "Spine experts told me that mine is one of the worst cases they've ever seen in someone my age," he said. "It's always been obvious that I have it, but it wasn't officially diagnosed until my twenties."

    Wells suffers from chronic pain, but he doesn't let it slow him down from a hardcore training schedule, building an extensive acting IMDB resume, or being a loving father to a gorgeous five-year-old daughter. He's pretty determined to live the life he wants.

    "They told me that there are people in my state in wheelchairs, but I'm strong. I'm fit. That won't be me."




    Photography: Head Photo by  Roseblade Creative; Following photos supplied by Wells (In order of appearance): John wells with Al Snow and Brian Cunningham at Thoughtfly Films' studios; Wells as a lovable drunk on the set of "Piranha Sharks;" Wells as Korlan Magan in "Rangers;" Wells is young Wilhelm Grimm in "Snow" trilogy; Wells was invited to speak to men and women of the Kentucky National Guard along with fellow Piranha Sharks Actor Ashe Parker about the philosophy of acting and perseverance as part of the KYNG Resiliance Training Assistant Course  

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