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    Learning About World Whiskeys With The Whisky Chicks
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    If you had told me last week I would like Scotch, I would have told you you’re crazy.  My early impressions of Scotch were that it was “yucky,” though I guess you could probably say that about any early encounter with an alcoholic beverage.

    At a recent event with Dan Gardner of Four Roses, I had an “aha” moment.  He was talking about traveling and meeting people who were really into Scotch, who dismissed bourbon the same way I had dismissed Scotch.  He described how he was able to find common ground with Scotch drinkers because he also liked Scotch and was able to figure out which kinds of bourbon would appeal to a Scotch drinker.  A light bulb went off in my head.  If I discount all other whiskeys that aren’t bourbon, how am I going to be able to “reach across the aisle,” as it were?

    This is why I was so excited when The Kentucky Whisky Chicks announced that their next three-part tasting series would focus on “world whiskies”- that is, whiskies and whiskeys other than bourbon.  Last night, the focus was on Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whisky, and we were treated to a little bit of Japanese Whisky at the end.  I relished the opportunity to learn more about both and I was surprised how much I liked them all, particularly the peated ones.

    Megan Breier, Whiskey Ambassador for Beam Suntory, led the discussion.  We learned all about the grains used- primarily barley- the use of many different types of barrels and the different regions that influence the end products.  It’s especially notable that those whiskeys and whiskies require a much greater aging period because the weather is so mild compared to ours.  There’s less angel’s share, so there’s more juice to bottle at the end, but they have to spend a lot longer in the warehouses, which accounts for some of the price difference.

    If you’ve never had an opportunity to attend a Whisky Chicks event, check out the next two events in this series being held at Westport Whiskey and Wine on April 8th and May 13th.  It’s a great opportunity to expand your world whiskey knowledge in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

    Photos Courtesy of Maggie Kimberl

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    I'm a Louisville native with a passion for traveling and homegrown tomatoes. I write the bourbon news, which keeps me plenty busy since Louisville is the center of the bourbon universe. See bourbon news happening? Contact me on Twitter @LouGirl502!

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