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    Kentucky State Fair Chocolate Mocha Cake
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    One of the multitude of reasons Louisville is the place to be is the annual Kentucky State Fair. Local blackberry bourbon honey concoctions, cultivated by the sweetest Kentucky bees. Coffee of the likes of Raspberry Royale and Amaretto. Hot brown on a stick better than you could possibly imagine. Striking photography. Miniature, intricately designed houses beckoning towards you with large-scale Southern charm. There is genuinely something for everyone at our fair, and Kentuckians adore it all.

    I love every bit of it, but there is no doubt that my scene is where the blue ribbon desserts gather the spotlight. First thing's first. I highly recommend indulging in fair delicacies at the start. Otherwise, the glorious sights of Kentucky's greatest saccharine goods will be enough to pique massive mouthwatering hunger!

    Plus, why ever say no to Derby Pie?

    Kentucky State Fair

    Kentucky State Fair

    Deliciously fried Derby Pie, perfected with a sprinkle of sugar and drizzle of raspberry sauce. Freshly frying the conglomeration of chocolate, nuts, and breading together melts all the magic of Derby into a champion treat.

    Kentucky State Fair Derby Pie

    Here is a preview of the splendor that awaits you in the greatest part of Kentucky's State Fair:

    Kentucky State Fair Bon Bons

    Nancy Harper's Peanut Butter Heath placed second, but just the sound of it wins first in my mind.

    Kentucky State Fair Peanut Brittle

    Mary Casey's award-winning peanut brittle

    Kentucky State Fair Steve Wheatley

    Steve Wheatley with his eye on the prize for next year.

    Steve Wheatley won four years ago. This year, he entered both peanut brittle and toffee. Mr. Wheatley is one of many passionate fairgoers who takes true Kentucky pride in his baking. Look out for his submissions next year! Mr. Wheatley already has wheels churning for a new batch of winning peanut brittle, that in 2015 will be soaked in bourbon. 

    Kentucky State Fair Summertime Fruit Cake

    Summertime Fruit Cake, by Linda Bailey

    Kentucky State Fair Bridal Cake

    Because all you need is love.. and amazing cake! Jeffrey Ott won second place with this fun bridal creation.

    Kentucky State Fair Cake

    Melissa Zurkuhlen, first prize for a Beginner Theme Cake

    A winning cake, as pictured above, manages to combine all the creativity of baker artistry with the sentimentality of life. My family is not one for camping by the lake, and yet, this cake still seems relatable and reminds me of that ineffable sense of home.

    Kentucky State Fair Dragon Cake

    Robyn Dale, second place

    J. K. Rowling would be proud. Dragons are very in this year!

    Kentucky State Fair Dragon Cake

    As envisioned/decorated by Melinda Polly

    Kentucky State Fair Dragon Cake

    Plehn's Bakery won fourth place for this epic dragon cake. I loved this one!

    Kentucky State Fair Dragon Cake

    Heitzman Bakery won second! This phoenix is all sorts of Harry Potter fantastical.

    Kentucky State Fair Octopus Cake

    Cassidy Adwell, first place, with the octopus birthday cake that wins me over every year! How can you not smile when you see an adorable octopus? And birthdays are entire smile-inducing occasions.

    Kentucky State Fair Hummingbird Cake

    Jenny Phelps with a first prize-winning Hummingbird Cake

    Kentucky State Fair Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Pamela Ryan's entry for "Favorite Chocolate Chip Cookie" might not have won any ribbons, but I would gobble these cookies in a happy heartbeat.

    Part of the atmosphere is debating about which entries were your favorites that you feel merited some more award swag. Like Mint Julep cookies.

    Kentucky State Fair Mint Julep Cookies

    Casey Leanhart went straight for Kentucky's soul with some Derby-inspired Mint Julep Cookies.

    Kentucky State Fair Bridal Cake

    Jennifer Adwell's bridal cake fit for a Disney princess won second place.

    Kentucky State Fair b Cake

    Greta Sparks won first for this lavish wedding cake that could have been made from a wish, granted by a stellar genie.

    Make sure you check out all these fabulous baked creations this weekend! And in honor of this sweet tooth, please do yourself a favor. Get the fried Hot Brown with the fried Derby Pie beforehand. It's the proper Kentucky thing to do.

    Cover photo:; All Other Photos: Courtesy of Julie Lamb

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    Curly-haired owner of one massive sweet tooth, believer of Harry Potter and Disney fairytales, and a fierce lover of all things literary and the arts.

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