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    Kentucky Derby 2012 celebrity rankings
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    Last year our Kentucky Derby celeb rankings received so many nasty comments, we felt obliged to do it again. So here they are, the celebs visiting Louisville for Derby, from worse to less worse. (Check back as we'll update it when new celebs are announced.)

    70. Star Jones—Admittedly not a celeb, but rather an apprentice to one.

    69. Kelly Cutrone—Appearing on three different realty series doesn't make you a celebrity, just desperate.

    68. Joey Fatone—Probably been hanging out in Patty Barnstable Brown's backyard since last year's party; he's got nothing else to do.

    67. Jennifer Bronstein—Sorry, even in this day and age, simply being the girlfriend of a celeb (Glee's Max Adler) does not make you one too.

    66. Angie Johnson—Eliminated in the early rounds of season 2 of The Voice, she comes across as a nice person on her website, so I'll spare her from further ridicule beyond her ranking.

    65. Brandi Glanville—I suspect little is real on this housewife.

    64. Shohreh AghdashlooGesundheit.

    63. Vanessa Bell Calloway—Pro: Played Eddie Murphy's African bride-to-be in the classic Coming to America. Con: That role had barely five minutes of screen time and was 24 years ago.

    62. Larry Birkhead—Let's just quote a reader comment from last year's article: "Larry Birkhead has done nothing but donate sperm and win the baby lottery. He is not an actor, sports figure, athelete [sic], singer, business man, model and on and on or anything else noteworthy or even interesting."

    61. Zachery Tyler ByranHome Improvement has been off the air for 13 years, how come we still can't get JTT? Actually, I have an answer for that: Bryan's coming with his cousin, the slightly higher-ranking celeb Brady Quinn, and A.J. Hawk, who's married to Quinn's sister, also Bryan's cousin.

    60. A.J. Hawk—And the run of retired or eh NFL players starts here….

    59. Dhani Jones—See A.J. Hawk.

    58. Amobi Okoye—See A.J. Hawk.

    57. Brady Quinn—See A.J. Hawk.

    56. Michael Bush—See A.J. Hawk

    55. New England Patriots Wes Welker, Vince Wilfork and Deion BranchThe Courier-Journal grouped these players together, so so will we. Welker's best known for not making the catch that could've clinched Super Bowl  XLVI. Branch is a UofL grad, but his star lost some luster when he made a one-hour personal appearance at a downtown Papa John's.

    54. Warren Moon—See A.J. Hawk.


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