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    With all of the new and inventive ways that unique performance enhancing drugs are being introduced into sports, and the horse racing industry, one wonders if the following video is not the answer to eliminating cheating from racing.  Also, this would squash any animal's rights activists who scream about the abuse the horses may endure during the race.  We would never have to question again the legitimacy of a horse's dominating performance the way we did Big Brown a few years ago.  Think about just how much easier we would all sleep at night if we didn't have to lay there in the dark wondering if the horse we had won ten bucks on earlier in the day was a cheating S.O.B.  The jockeying world would no longer be able to discriminate against the tall or overweight, the next Pat Day or Calvin Borel could be sitting right next to you as we speak, but unless they fit into such a small demographic (no pun intended) their true talent will never be discovered.  More of the general population would get the chance to feel that adrenaline rush of winning (just take note in the video the sense of satisfaction and sheer happiness our amateur jockey enjoys in his back to back victories).  I think the horse racing industry should take all of this into consideration, but if all else fails take your hand and cover up the horse racing part of the video and tell me that this wouldn't be the sweetest new dance to introduce at the club...can you say "hello ladies"?

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