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    The Kentucky State Fair is my favorite annual event that comes to the city of Louisville. There is always so much to do, so much to see, and of course, so much to eat! I don't know about you, but I always indulge at the fair on all of the deep-fried goodness. There were a few things that were new to me this time around, such as the deep-fried hot brown on a stick and derby pie. Both of these tasty treats were enticing fairgoers' taste buds, and I was definitely drooling when I heard about them, too! I came up with a list of foods that I wanted to try, but then I had to narrow it down for the sake of my waistline. So, here are five things that I ate at the Kentucky State Fair:

    1. Chocolate Covered Bacon - I found a booth in the South Wing that had all sorts of things covered in chocolate. I noticed that there was chocolate covered bacon, and I just had to try it! I mean, I am a chocolate lover, and bacon is pretty much the best thing ever, so surely this combination was just bound to be amazing. It was the perfect mix of salty and sweet. It was chewy, the bacon was savory, and the chocolate had such a richness to it that I could only eat one piece.

    2. Corn Dog - I would say that it's pretty common to have a corn dog at any state fair, but I have never eaten one in all of the times that I have been. I was walking toward the Midway, and I found a vendor near the West Wing that was selling corn dogs. My belly was rumbling, so I ordered one, smothered it in ketchup, and walked around while trying my best to avoid the ketchup that was dripping from the sides. I will probably get one every time I go now.

    3. Deep-Fried Derby Pie - I am such a huge fan of Derby Pie, so when I heard that it would be served at the fair as a deep-fried treat covered in powdered sugar... Well, I certainly made it a priority on my to-eat list. I got it from the Sivori concession stand, and it had this flaky, golden dough that was covered in powdered sugar and drizzled with raspberry syrup. The pie filling was decadent, which probably explains why it only came with two pieces. I wanted another order after I was finished, but I suppose it's best that I was limited. I imagine that I would have some difficulty with my self-control because this dessert was just way too good.

    4. Hot Brown on a Stick - The Hot Brown on a Stick was beyond delicious. It also came from Sivori, and the skewer contained chunks of ham, turkey, tomatoes, and bacon in between. The batter was crispy and covered in a creamy Mornay sauce. I had some trouble eating it, and I tried my best to get a little bit of everything in each bite, but I could only get the separate chunks. It was still very tasty despite my awkwardness in eating it.

    5. Beef Brisket Sandwich - The barbecue foods at the fair are also among my favorite things to eat when I visit. I could honestly eat pulled pork, ribs, and brisket every single day. I got the beef brisket sandwich from Sivori, and smothered it in barbecue sauce. The brisket was tender, the barbecue sauce that I used was spicy, and it was such a delectable afternoon snack.

    I ate chocolate covered bacon, a corn dog, deep-fried derby pie, a hot brown on a stick, and a beef brisket sandwich at the fair this year. All I can say is that everything was phenomenal, and Sivori was my favorite concession if you couldn't tell. I am already looking forward to next year so I can stuff my face again with chocolate, fried food, and barbecue.

    Cover images courtesy of Kentucky State Fair Facebook page.

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    My name is Krystin. I live in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. I love to take pictures, support local businesses, drink tons of coffee, and write about this wonderful thing called life.

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