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    Ah, Old Louisville. Situated right between the University of Louisville campus and downtown, the neighborhood boasts the largest collection of historic Victorian homes in the country and the city’s largest variety of college parties. Though beautiful and cozy, the neighborhood has some quirks, and no one knows this better than residents.

    Here are five problems you won’t understand unless you live in Old Louisville.

    1. Finding a parking space is actually impossible. 

    Image: Rant Lifestyle 

    An outsider might believe that the claim that this neighborhood has no available parking is an exaggeration, but those who reside here know it to be true. For the majority of residents, street parking is all there is, and those in need of a spot have two choices: drive several blocks away in search of an open space big enough for your car or drive in circles aimlessly around your block just hoping – praying! – that someone leaves, freeing a space. Old Louisville residents also know that anyone who double parks is the vilest, most terribly disgusting type of human there is on this earth. If you move to Old Louisville you'll automatically develop huge guns and toned arms from hauling ALL your groceries two blocks from your car to your house. Taking two trips is for weaklings, no matter how far away you've been forced to park.


    2. Renting from the local property management groups can be...challenging.

    Image: Big Frog 104

    Only a handful of people actually own their home in Old Louisville. Everyone else rents. And unfortunately, there aren’t many properties operated by private landlords, which unfortunately leaves a large portion of homes under the operation of local property management groups. These groups might promise the monthly water bill included in the rent fee along with 24-hour maintenance, but Old Louisville residents know that the included water won’t always be hot and the maintenance team won’t always answer your desperate call.


    3. Living in a historic Victorian home is complicated.

    Image: Pro Referral 

    Think living in a beautiful 4-story historic mansion would be cool? Of course it is! Unless you consider the 1890s insulation, the families of mice that have been breeding in the attic for decades and the 100-year-old hardwood floors that are impossible to clean. You can scrub and scrub but those strange, unidentifiable stains will always be there. You know what might also be there? A ghost. Or many ghosts. You know what isn't ever there? Enough power outlets. 


    4. You will endure inescapable buzzing and stinging swarms of college students.


    Image: Warner Bros. 

    Conveniently located within walking distance to the University of Louisville, Old Louisville is naturally home to countless college students. There’s nothing wrong with young adults aiming for a higher education to become intelligent, productive members of society. But when it’s 2am on a Thursday and you can’t sleep because a rowdy group of 21-year-olds are drunkenly singing in the front yard of the house across the street, you start to second-guess the entire college system and wonder why the city hasn't invested in "College Student Crossing" road signs yet. 


    5. Enduring the St. James Court Art Show

    Image: Louisville Business First

    If you live in Old Louisville and you’ve ever considered dropping out of college, quitting your job, breaking your lease and fleeing the city, the first full weekend of October is the perfect time to do it. The country’s largest and longest running art fair is held in the heart of Old Louisville during this specific weekend every year. As artists and vendors line 4th and 3rd Streets with booths, tents and food trucks, thousands of excited art fans swarm the area, the streets are blocked off to all traffic and already rare street parking opportunities completely vanish into thin air. Art fans walk on your lawn. Street closures make it impossible to escape. 

    Image: Cavalier Apartments 

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