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    Eat & Swig

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    Don’t let this pretty little number fool you, its 15 scoops of ice-cream and 4 sidecars of toppings will have you tapping out and begging for mercy!  The Comfy Cow just finished filming with the famous Travel Channel series ‘Man v. Food.’

    The Rundown:  The Comfy Cow Sundae contains fifteen scoops of ice-cream – that’s over 5 ½ lbs!  The sundae comes with whipped cream, 8-10 maraschino cherries, 2 types of chopped nuts and 4 sidecars of your choice of sides or toppings.  You have just 1 hour to complete the challenge by yourself and so far only 1 person has been able to do so.  You are allowed to stand up from the table and walk around if you get fatigued, but purging will disqualify you from the challenge.  The sundae will cost you $39.95 plus tax and the owner Tim tells me challengers tend to get extremely cold while trying to complete it – imagine that! 

    What’s in it For You:  Besides being awarded the Comfy Cow T-shirt, tackling the 15-scoop behemoth will also get your picture on the Wall of Fame beside only one other face - Mr. John Allen.  If you fail to finish the sundae however, your picture will be added to the slew of faces on the Wall of Shame. 

    If you think that your sweet tooth and your stomach can handle it, I challenge YOU to take on The Comfy Cow Sundae!  If you’re able to dawn your mug on the Wall of Fame at The Comfy Cow in the next week, document it with photo or video and send it to us.  We’ll send you and a friend to a Louisville Bats game, our treat and even feature you in the next follow-up article.

    As I mentioned before, the Travel Channel brought their camera crew to Louisville, KY and filmed an episode of their ‘Man v. Food’ series at The Comfy Cow.  Little to no details of Adam Richman’s (show’s host) attempt at the sundae challenge are available as employees are held to secrecy until the show’s air date in July.  I was able to find out that Adam Richman himself does not take on the challenge, but instead coaches a brave local soul.  Word is, Adam Richman has his protégé choose 15 scoops of only vanilla ice-cream! 

    The mere fact that the eating challenge at 1301 Herr Lane Suite 118 attracted the likes of Adam Richman and the Travel Channel crew is testimony to the allure of The Comfy Cow Sundae.  Give it a try if you dare and maybe- just maybe you could even become a part of Louisville eating challenge lore.  Oh…and bring a coat.

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