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    Bit to Do

    Dragon King's Daughter sushi roll
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    Dear Dragon King’s Daughter,

    We totally hit it off with a meet cute. I met you when I was on my first blind date. Despite my blind date jitters, I could not wait to partake in some Asian-fusion cuisine.

    It was a successful first date…with your restaurant. My only regret was that I did not order the Lemongrass Miso soup I desperately craved. Thus, I made a pact to return with my friend Leah, a fellow sushi-connoisseur, and someone who understood my desire to order whatever my stomach desired without worrying about the cost.

    Cue our second date: Simultaneously, meeting-the-friend stage. And that is unfortunately where you dashed my hopes in dishonorable fashion.

    Oh, it started off great. I was lucky enough to have Angela as my server again, a standout server the first time I made my acquaintance with your restaurant as well.

    Leah and I decided to be sophisticated by ordering from your distinguished selection of adult beverages.

    Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza

    Leah tried out your refreshing Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza and was a definite fan.

    Mango Mimosa Dragon King's Daughter

    I ordered a mango mimosa that was tangy and sparkling. Even Leah, who ordinarily steers clear from mango, delighted in that mimosa.

    Vegetable Gyoza Dragon King's Daughter

    Appetizer time: Vegetable Gyoza

    We wanted a full-on Dragon King’s Daughter dining experience, complete with Fried Veggie Gyoza. The homemade spinach vinaigrette accented the pot-stickers with savory flair.

    Lemongrass Miso Soup Dragon King's Daughter

    Lemongrass Miso Soup: Worth the wait.

    With no question in my mind, the best part of the meal was the long-awaited Lemongrass Miso. It is by far the most flavorsome miso soup I have yet to try. Normally, this would be when the adorable romantic comedy montage plays, with the latest honeyed pop song accenting our budding love.

    Alas, this is a Taylor Swift song. And not a happy one. I have a bone to pick with you, Dragon King’s Daughter.

    Death by Mango Shrimp Roll Dragon King's Daughter

    I ordered the Death by Mango Shrimp Roll, to continue the mango party paired with my mimosa. Perhaps I should have paid more close attention to the only clue: “Death sauce.” But my friend Leah who used to work at a sushi restaurant competitor had never heard of that sauce either. Other rolls had more obvious indicators like “spicy crab.”

    It was excruciatingly spicy. One bite, and my mouth felt set ablaze. I am someone who never likes anything spicy. In fact, I used to have a serious allergy against fiery foods.

    After one bite, I told our server Angela I was very sorry, but I could not eat the roll I had just ordered.

    Angela returned with the news that she was told I would have to pay full price for the roll. She went to the manager on my behalf with the best attitude.

    The manager never emerged, but instead, in a total passive-aggressive move, told our server to give me a box to take home the sushi.

    Leah responded, “That is ridiculous. Why would she want to take the sushi home when she didn’t like it in the first place?”

    Angela even explained to the manager that I was a repeat customer. Instead, I was being treated as a common criminal for accidentally ordering the wrong meal.

    I am surprised that Angela is not the manager, as she handled the situation with class and compassion. She offered to pay for my roll out of her own salary. I did not accept it, but I appreciated that she was the only one in the restaurant that demonstrated good service.

    Leah had never heard of such an absurd policy.

    After a little more haggling, I found $6.00 taken off my tab. I ordered the Dragon King’s Daughter roll additionally, because I was starving. Angela brought me another bowl of Lemongrass Miso and Leah allowed me to eat some of her Teriyaki Chicken Katsu Taco.

    Dragon King's Daughter Roll

    Dragon King's Daughter Roll: Too irritated to even enjoy it at that point.

    Teriyaki Chicken Katsu Taco Dragon King's Daughter

    Leah's order: Teriyaki Chicken Katsu Taco with garlic chips and green onions.

    Service makes or breaks an entire dining experience. By that point, Leah and I left completely peeved with management.

    I don’t care for a rude date. Particularly when there are plenty of other delicious sushi restaurants in Louisville.


    An Aggravated Customer

    Top Photo: Courtesy of Dragon King's Daughter's website; All Other Photos: Courtesy of Julie Lamb

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