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For the second time in six years Fort Knox will host two of classic rock's biggest names with Kansas and the Doobie Brothers on Saturday, August 13th at Godman Airfield.
 This show is FREE to the general public.

    Even though these bands have had a rotating lineup over the years - with both bands having a host of personal and creative differences - they are still going strong to this day, touring relentlessly and still carry on their original sound some 30+ years later. 

    Kansas is currently down to only three original members with guitarist Rich Williams, keyboardist/vocalist Steve Walsh, and drummer Phil Ehart. The Doobies also checks in with only three original members with vocalist Tom Johnston, guitarist Patrick Simmons, and drummer Michael Hossack whose logged a few random hiatuses from the band over the years.  

    It’s surely going to be a night to remember, and hopefully for most concert-goers without going to the brig. That’s military jail for those of you thinking “What the f**k is the brig?” Trust me folks, you don’t want to go there. Even though you probably can’t as a civilian anyway. 

    So, you’ll need to get creative on how to have alternative methods of “fun” at this concert because I can tell you right now that smoking doobies in the crowd and slamming a metric f**k-ton of whiskey as if it were 1974 probably won’t be tolerated, especially if MP’s are running security. Never-mind that it’s two of classic rock’s biggest names in rock-n-roll. Sorry folks.


Needless to say, hopefully the Army is well aware of what and who they’ve invited onto their base based on past experiences. Hopefully they’re not surprised when what happens, happens. And hopefully they don’t over-react with overly excessive force when having to deal with the inevitable drunken baby-boomer redneck-hippie who just knocked the dust off their Doobie Brothers and/or Kansas concert T-shirt for the first time in 25 years and slammed a few shots of their favorite whiskey before hitting the gates.

    What ever the case this is sure to be one orgy of classic guitar-led rock-n-roll music and pure visual onslaught of who knows what the f**k may happen. 

    Dilana, the Doobie Brothers, and Kansas
    Fort Knox’s Godman Army Airfield (Enter via Brandenburg Station Road Gate)
Saturday, August 13  

    Gates @ 6 p.m., concert @ 7 p.m. 

    ** Jason Ashcraft is a freelance music writer who focuses on Kentucky's original music scene. Visit his blog at or you scan this QR code on your smart phone to view the mobile site:

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    About Jason Ashcraft

    Jason is a life-long Louisville native who grew up in the Highlands, and now resides in an undisclosed fortified location somewhere in Louisville. He's followed Louisville's rock music scene for almost 10 years, first as a concert promoter, then an artist manager, and now a music critic and reviewer. He's one crazy Jarhead who'll literally publish anything his mind conceives on impulse, so don't always expect him to follow the traditional laws of journalism. He has intent of reviving Hunter S. Thompson's “gonzo journalism” if only his editors will allow it...which they don't usually.

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