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    When you hear about the state of Kentucky, what do you think of? Horses? Farms? Cardinals? That’s all great but one thing that needs to be on that list is the prospering music scene. There are many local bands that have worked hard and who have played a ridiculous amount of shows to gain a cult following. One of those bands is To Die Alone. Last Monday, they played their 50th show at Spinelli’s Downtown. They have been a band for four years and have grown into something of a gem in Louisville’s music scene in my eyes. They’re a melodic hardcore band with very powerful lyrics talking about loneliness and depression. It can be heavily heard from their music, especially with their most recent release in 2014, a split EP with another local band, Frailty, “Ghosts.” I caught up with the vocalist from To Die Alone, Chris Pfeiffer to see how he felt about the show and their future.

    So Chris, you’ve now played 50 shows at Spinelli’s. How does it feel to be the first band to have done so and how did it turn out for you?

    I didn't know we were the first, but that's pretty cool! It's been awesome having a place that's been there since the beginning. And, I couldn't think of a better show to be the 50th. The guys in Household are such great people and incredible musicians and Until We Are Ghosts did an incredible job, not to mention playing with another local band. It's pretty rad to have had our friend Marco rap in the beginning too.

    We also loved being able to share some new music as well as playing some of the older songs. It was great seeing the crowd sing along.

    It seems like Louisville's striving with all the artists and I saw a couple members telling you about loving your music, am I wrong?

    Oh it's incredible how many musicians there are in the city. It was cool to see guys from a whole bunch of other local bands there. Some guys from Knocked Loose were there, and a couple of the guys from Ari. It's just great to have dude from other bands encourage you and let you know that they like what you're doing.

    Yeah man musicians have their own little tribe going everywhere and spreading their talent. So what about you guys? You've released an EP back last year and toured. Any new music from you guys we should be looking out for or even a tour?

    Yeah! We actually just released our first single off of the new album. It's called 94 and it's free on our Bandcamp. But we're working on a full length right now as well as a tour. Look for both around June!

    Well I, and I mean we, will be looking forward to all of that and we'll make sure to go download 94. Thank you so much for your time!   No problem man, anytime.

    Thank you guys and I hope you enjoyed this little feature.

    The following below are links to all the bands that played and all the bands mentioned by Chris in order. Be sure to check them out and support your local music scene.


    A video compilation done for all the artists that night:





    Until We Are Ghosts:



    Knocked Loose:






    To Die Alone:



    To Die Alone (Bandcamp):



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