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    Theres never been a better time to be bearded! 

    Throughout history the image of facial hair has changed immensely in the eyes of society. While many presidents and influential leaders such as Abraham Lincoln, Rutherford B. Hayes, and James Garfield were recognizable by their very unique beard styles, facial hair and beard growing was deemed unprofessional or irresponsible for a very long time, but change has arrived once more. A group of local bearded men have formed a group called The Nomadic Beardsmen of the Bluegrass (NBB) to help once again restore a great and honorable name to those brave enough to put down their razors.

    The Nomadic Beardsmen of the Bluegrass (Facebook) was created after original founder Darrell Anderson was informed by his mother about a beard competition in 2011, which he attended as an onlooker before finding another in Ohio. Upon his return he and a group of other Kentucky locals who were trying their hand in competitive facial hair growing started the NBB. This band of bearded locals are not just out to win trophies and recognition for their impressive face sculptures however, and have made it a mission of theirs to use what they have created to help others in need.


    NBB has been known to not only support local business by buying their products and keeping as much as they can local, but the group has also gained considerable recognition for helping with charity organizations that focus on helping the less fortunate in Kentucky. Darrell Anderson was kind enough to share some information with me on their recent charitable supports and plans for future efforts. “We’ve raised money for Moveable Feast and the next one will be for a battered women farm/home,” stated Anderson in our online conversation, as if helping feed thousands in need and protect those who feel unsafe is business as usual. He then also went on to explain that they have ventured outside of Kentucky to many other competition as well in their attempts to gain recognition and make a good name for bearded individuals and the state of Kentucky.

    So far they have hosted 3 competitions themselves called Whiskey Whiskers and Women and are planning on a fourth event on January 31 titled Bourbon, Beards, Bands, and Burlesques which will be the event that will obtain charity for the battered women farm/home Anderson mentioned. This band of kind hearted heavily bearded men support their beautiful state and the people within it by selling/buying locally, holding competitions where their proceeds are given to charity groups, and showing that it is okay to be different; bearded or not, you can be accepted.

    They are just getting their start in the world of competitive facial hair growing and have already helped changed the lives of thousands with their donations while promoting social acceptance of a very large group within Kentucky, and traveling to help others as well. So will the NBB go down in history with all the other great beards? It seems like they may be well on their way.

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