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    movie theatre
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    Going to the movie is an integral part of childhood. The popcorn, the darkness, sharing the experience with a room full of strangers, the movie itself-what magic!  For most kids, a trip to the movies is the quintessential way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Who among us doesn’t have a favorite childhood movie memory? (Mine is seeing the original “Clash of the Titans” and worrying whether or not looking at film of a gorgon would turn someone to stone. Spoiler: it won’t.)

    However, for some kids, the experience of going to the movies can be excruciating. It is too loud, too dark, there are too many people and sitting still or remaining quiet for two hours is just too much.  For children who have sensory issues or are on the autism spectrum, a simple visit to the movies, something most of us take for granted, can be anything but enjoyable.

    Enter Rave Cinema’s Sensory Sensitive Cinema.

    On Saturday mornings, at Stonybrook on Hurstbourne Lane and at Preston Crossings 16 on Preston Hwy, children’s movies are shown in a more sensory-friendly way: lights are not dimmed as much, sound is at a lower volume, movement and talking in the theatre is acceptable.  

    Do you know a child who loves movies but finds the movie theater experience too overwhelming?

    Then Rave’s Sensory Sensitive Cinema may be for them!

     Movie selections change weekly so be sure to contact the theaters for specific information.

    Preston Crossings 16

    9700 Preston Crossing Blvd Okolona, KY 40229 (502) 961-9700

    Stonybrook 20 + IMAX®

    2745 South Hurstbourne Parkway Louisville, KY 40220 (502) 499-6658

    Photo courtesy of Rave Cinemas website,

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