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    The Louisville music scene is full of diversity, not only in the vast genres you can find around town, but in the diversity within those. Louisville is home to several subgenres of hip hop, giving fans a lot to listen to - this is my favorite thing about this beautiful city.

    Big & Tall, a new duo composed of Louisville natives T-Razor and Bonez, have individually have been making music in the Louisville scene for years. Having met through mutual friends, they immediately hit it off despite their differences in their musical style. “We’re completely different,” said Bonez.

    But their differentiation as performers have proven to be their successor. Just as their name suggests, Big & Tall are two different people, whose love for Louisville - the 502 - unites them as a force to be reckoned with.

    Read on to see what the duo had to say about collaboration and their new EP. Describe Big & Tall.

    Bonez: It’s just us having fun. Making music with my brother. It’s all fun for us.
    T-Razor: He’s like my little brother. Our music is organic. It’s just like hanging out with one of my homies. We’ve both been doing music for a while, but it feels like the group should have first.
    Bonez: Yeah, we just kick it. It’s so easy. We would write on a Wednesday and make a mix on Friday. It comes natural to us.
    T-Razor: We work together really well. [As an artist] you’ve got to be able to take constructive criticism in music, which we do really well. We’re both creative.
    Bonez: This is just the beginning. We were recording songs before we even knew we were going to be a duo.
    T-Razor: “Keys comin in” was our first song together. It’s a collaboration of both of our beats. Our music came together real well. I knew we could perform together.
  So, were you all both born and raised in Louisville?

    Bonez: Yeah, I’m from J-Town. I graduated from Male.
    T-Razor: I grew up in Germantown and graduated from Manual. Wait, so you all are supposed to be rivals? What a plot twist.
    Bonez: See that’s the thing. We’re only rivals during football season and sports. Other times, we’re all kickin’ it. It’s not like everyone thinks. We’re all cool.
    T-Razor: Supposed to be rivals that came together to be a force.
  What do you think about the Louisville music scene and where do you all fit in?

    ​Bonez: There are different scenes of Louisville music. We feel like we fit into every one of them. Each scene of music brings a different crowd, but we want to bring them all together.
    T-Razor: We encourage everyone to come out. We’re making great music. We have distinct sounds separately, but we make music together, so it’s great.
    Bonez: There’s a variety and there’s something for everybody in Louisville.
    T-Razor: As artists, we’re going to watch. Everyone is competition, but we’re all about Louisville and supporting everyone.
  Who are some of your favorite artists?

    T-Razor: I’m inspired by many of the greats. Tupac Biggie, Eminem, Jay-Z, Nas, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Drake, Nirvana, Lil Wayne and Louisville’s late Static Major.  I also listen to Devin the Dude and Sam Cook…Write that down. Who’s Sam Cook? I’m not familiar with him.
    T-Razor: Look him up. You won’t regret it. I’ll be sure to. What about you, Bonez?
    Bonez: A lot of my references in my music are Houston related. You can hear it in my music. I love the culture and the foreign cars. I love foreign cars. My favorites are Three 6 Mafia, Pimp C, Bun B., Outkast, and A$AP Rocky, Future, Kayne West, Travis Scott, Erakyah Badu, and A$AP Rocky. Are you a Kanye fan pre or post-Kardashian?
    Bonez: Pre-Kardashian. Most definitely.
    T-Razor: I forgot to mention Outkast and UGK, put that on my list, too. Describe what the Big & Tall release party is going to be like:

    T-Razor: Our release is going to feel more like a party than a show. We bring people into our music... We bring a lot of people out with us.
    Bonez: I never forget a face. I may not remember your name, but I’m going to remember you rocking with us in the crowd.
    Bonez: The release is on October 2nd at The New Vintage.  We’ll have a limited run of hoodies and physical copies of the EP.
    T-Razor: PlayCold is our opening performer. Our DJ, DJ Samosa, and Taste DJ’s will be out too. Tell me more about the EP.

    T-Razor: This project is for the city. We want you to get to know us. We want you to have fun.
    Bonez: Kogan Dumb is the only feature.
    T-Razor: We started creating this four months ago. We’ve got people asking us when it’ll be done.
    Bonez: Fans have ADD. Before we drop something, we have to already begin working on the next because our listeners are going to want a new track from us.  
  Where do you see Big & Tall in five years?

    T-Razor: We want to be on tour. Outside of Louisville around the United States.
    Bonez: We definitely want to do an out of city tour and then come back home and do a show for free in Louisville. We can be like “We was able to leave and make it. We made it because of you.”
    T-Razor: We don’t plan on going anywhere but up. Big & Tall started because of the Louisville hip-hop scene. We support Louisville all day. If you could be an opening performer for anyone, who would it be?

    Bonez: Future.
    T-Razor: I’d open for Jay-Z.

    It was a pleasure to talk to these two. Both full of energy, motivation to reach their dreams, and their love of Louisville. This duo is definitely one you don’t want to sleep on.

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