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    We gave the guys some attention, but now ladies; the spotlight is back on you. The guys have some excuse. Their options are what pattern of shorts. Ladies have skirts, dresses, shorts, easy breezy slacks, and footwear at any height you desire. With great style comes a great opportunity to turn fierce to faux-pas. With that being said, here are the Five Summer Trends to Trash.

    Yoga Pants vs. Maxi Dress

    I understand the rationale. You’re schlepping around picking up frozen chicken and the half-gallon of ice cream that Weight Watchers doesn’t have to know about. But you never know whom you could run into when you’re running errands! Seeing your ex? With his new girlfriend? Your former boss? Don’t take the chance. Keep the yoga pants for the zen den and throw on a jersey maxi-dress. An easy 5-minute face (check back for this fall beauty secret!) will look understated and effortless, which puts you in prime position to impress.

    Non-Shapewear vs. Shapewear

    We’ve all had that near anxiety attack in the dressing room. You have THE event, you’ve found THE dress, the night comes and you get ready for YOUR night. Oh God, did it look like this at the store? If the most eye-catching print is cast from the shadows from your lumps and bumps, Shape Wear honey. Let’s be completely clear, models use shapewear. They have lumps and bumps too; but did you know that? Exactly. Wear some under the slinky body-con mini for a girl’s night out or to the class reunion that came too quickly. You can focus on being the break-out star of the night instead of wondering if they can tell you eat carbs.

    Bikinis vs. One-piece

    Oh swimwear, in what tricky waters we wade (pardon the pun). Unlike our other trends, not all bikinis are bad. Our point is that bikinis aren’t the only acceptable beachwear and there are super chic one-piece maillots (calling them by their French name helps our case). A one piece gives you a great canvas for big prints and makes transitioning from the beach to the boardwalk a cinch. Throw on some wedges and a sarong—this is not California Girls and no one walks around in Daisy Dukes and a bikini on top—and you have an effortless outfit for a waterfront stroll.

    Sunglassess as a hair accessory vs. Headbands as a hair accessory


    We at Chic Geek are 100% in favor of protecting your beautiful skin from harmful UV rays. However, those big bad rays aren’t aiming for your scalp after 8 pm. Put the sunglasses away. You wouldn’t wear your cozy scarf when it’s blazing hot and you wouldn’t wear your strappy lace up sandals during a snowstorm. As fun and frivolous as fashion can be, there has to be some element of practicality. And for Chanel’s sake, do not style your going out hair to include sunglasses as a styling prop.

    Cheap Sandals vs. Chic Flats 


    If there’s one kind of footwear women look forward to in the summer, it has to be flip-flops. Let’s review this shall we? In what world does a thwapping sound become the soundtrack to covet? And why should you allow anything to lower the chic factor? Cheap flip-flops are at the most, expected. Step in with something fabulous like Tory Burch flats. Doesn’t that just feel better? Think of it this way, a good pair of flats will outlive the Labor Day temperature drop, and if the pedi appointment slips, who will notice? They’ll be checking out that iconic Burch Brooch! And in the end, isn’t that what great style is? Maximizing the chic while minimizing the effort.

    Fashionably yours,

    Chic Geek

    Thank you to Rodes for Her, Dot Fox, General Eccentric, and Alice Harris, courtesy of Heyman Talent.

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