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    We asked our staff for their thoughts on this year’s Forecastle lineup.


    Dylon Jones, web editor: I’m digging day three — Conor Oberst and STRFKR are alright, but damn, I’m stoked for Weezer. Also, did Cage the Elephant sign a 10-year contract with Forecastle or something?

    Josh Moss, editor: The churning riff on the Weezer song “Hash Pipe” is one of my all-time faves. Oh, and in defense of Cage the Elephant: Lead singer Matthew Shultz is rabid, “In One Ear” is an instant party-starter and the band (from Bowling Green, Kentucky) opened with “My Old Kentucky Home” a few years ago. The over/under on when Shultz will do his first stage dive is song three. I’ll take the under.

    Alexandra Winters, editorial assistant: I was disappointed with the lineup overall, because I didn't recognize more than a couple small bands. Although maybe that says more about me than the quality of the lineup.

    Anne Marshall, senior writer: I am all about LCD Soundsystem and PJ Harvey. (I just completely aged myself.) I’d love to see Run the Jewels too. Love their rhymes.

    JM: Alex, who are your three ideal Forecastle headliners? I think this year’s lineup is strong, but I keep thinking about something several folks involved with the festival have said: “We’ll never top the year Jack White, Outkast and Beck played.” I wish their thinking was the opposite: “Let’s top the year Jack White, Outkast and Beck played."

    Mary Austin, managing editor: When I looked at the schedule, my first thought was that there aren’t many conflicts. Except Phantogram and Tycho. That one’s unfortunate. (Edit: Spoon is the conflict with Tycho, not Phantogram. Even worse.)

    AW: Bear in mind I've never actually been to Forecastle. But I think The Mountain Goats, alt-J and Arcade Fire would be a great mix for the festival. All three either just released new music or will soon.

    JM: The only time I’ve seen LCD Soundsystem was when they opened for Arcade Fire at Waterfront Park in 2007. On the main stage Saturday night, they’ll show all the EDM acts what a real dance party looks like.

    MA: I streamed Mondo Cozmo’s Bonnaroo show over the weekend and can’t wait to see them rock out live. I’ll be at their 3:30 show with a spray fan and an umbrella. Except, shit, they overlap with synth-pop master Giraffe, who is under the highway at the Ocean stage (in the shade).

    I’m thinking this year could be up there with 2014. All three headliners are solid. There were a lot of acts in 2014 that were lesser known at the time and have since blown up (Flume, Kygo). I’m predicting we’ll see that from some of the bands on this year’s lineup. That’s my favorite part about Forecastle: discovering new music.

    JM: My ears are ringing as I think about the hip-hop bass reverberating at the Ocean Stage, under the overpass. I haven’t heard many people mention Waka Flocka Flame, but that will change after his Ocean Stage show Friday. Same with Vince Staples on Saturday. I’m kind of sad Run the Jewels graduated to the stage near Joe’s Crab Shack.

    Am I the only person excited to see Sturgill Simpson, particularly the barnburner “Call to Arms”? (Yes, I just used the word “barnburner.”) That could end up being the highlight of the festival for me.

    AM: Barnburner? Yikes, old man. I thought I sounded ancient because I want to see 90’s era goddess, PJ Harvey. Just kidding. Waka Flocka Flame, you say? I always assumed his music was 2Chainz-ish. Am I wrong? Educate me.

    JM: You’re not that wrong. 

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    Cover photo by Glenn Hirsch

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