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    Packing for the Bonnaroo: A Useful Guide for Louisvillians
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    With Manchester, TN only 4 hours South of Louisville most of us already possess the basic camping skills for staying healthy and clean in the Tennessee heat. However, in addition to this, here are some things you might want to consider packing alongside the tent before heading to the farm. 

    For the Modest Human Being: 

     1. Wristband
    For obvious reasons...
     2. Sunscreen
    A minimalist can get sun burned too! 
     3. WATER
    While there are plenty of water fill stations inside of Centeroo, it’s a good idea to bring along a jug or two for personal cleanliness and hydration. 
     4. Cash 
    When in doubt one can always buy the comfort they didn’t pack and for the right amount of money someone will be willing to sell off a bit of their own. 

    Essentials for the Louisvillian: 

     1. Alcohol 

    Yep, that’s right you won’t have to leave the bourbon in Kentucky. Bonnaroo allows alcohol in the camping areas under the stipulation you don’t bring it in a glass container. So look into investing in a flask. Revelry carries a unique selection of glass free flasks.  For the craft beer drinker check out Louisville Beer Store and Bottled Liquors for your favorite craft beer in cans. 

     2. Jerky, Granola, and All the Healthy Stuff

    Food options are endless inside of Centeroo, but most of us aren’t going to fork over a huge chunk of change on gyros and pizza every day. Ideally you want to pack foods you won’t have to cook, will give you energy and a taste of home. The best kinds of foods to fuel your days at the Roo are healthy ones. Jerky, granola, carbohydrates, fruits and veggies will sustain and hydrate. Check out Louisville Vegan Jerky Company, Rainbow Blossom, and Please and Thank You for local food items. For stocking up on carbohydrates visit Wiltshire Bakery, Nords, and Blue Dog.

     3. Footwear & Other Useful Accessories 

    Take care of those tootsies! Packing the proper footwear might be the most important essential besides water. Flip-Flops are Flip-Nos. Pack another sturdier form of footwear like worn in tennis shoes or rain boots. Not just for rain, but the mud and other muck you might find yourself encountering.

    Sunglasses, hats, and bandanas are not only necessary for protecting yourself from the sun, but also the dust the farm tends to kick up. You could risk bringing your favorite sunglasses or lucky hat, but there is a likely chance with all the fun you'll be having they will get broken or lost. Visit local thrift stores like The Nitty Gritty or Vintage Banana to pick up funky items to protect and add to the lively, creative atmosphere. 

     4. Camera

    May seem like a hassle, but your phone WILL die. The only way to capture the Roo experience is through a camera. No need for professional, reality defying equipment. You can pick up disposable cameras or check out Murphy's Camera.

    Additional Items for the Highflyer: 

     1. Portable Shower

    If you can’t handle a sponge bath and aren’t willing to pay $7 to take a shower on a trailer, then purchasing a portable one is the only solution. 

     2. Yoga Mat

    This could be useful in more than one way. Good cushion, but also needed if you want to attend any of the morning yoga classes in Centeroo. 

    3. Glow Sticks, Flags, Banana Suit... 

    At night the farm is one big party and maybe you need the additional accessories to get your party going. Glow sticks are classic and flags help you find your friends in huge crowds, but what's trending are costumes. Go head and pack your banana suit or best Colonel Sanders and prepare to photo bomb the night away. 


    See you on the farm!

    Photos Courtesy of Bonnaroo Music Festival 


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