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    To a child, the drive from one end of the city to the other can seem a long and tedious journey.  Time is so very relative to us when we are young; those twenty minutes spent listlessly watching trees meld into a solid green line along the road might as well be hours long.  This effect was not lost on my own childhood; my daily ride from home to school downtown was a slow and epic path to trudge every morning.  However, despite the plodding pace and long lines of tired commuters, the smooth, dulcet timbre of Bob Edwards’ voice emanating from our radio made the drive bearable.  “The time is 25 minutes past the hour” became a measured and relaxing chant that calmed my little fidgeting self.  I have not been the only American touched by the sincerity, intelligence and wit of Edwards’ voice.  Hear him speak in person tomorrow night at The Filson Historical Society as he introduces his memoir, A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio.         

    For thirty years, Louisville native Bob Edwards was the voice of National Public Radio’s daily newsmagazine programs, building NPR a national audience as well as hosting programs that resonated with the American public.  With his combination of long-form interviews and news documentaries, Edwards became a reliable source for information, cleverness and astute reporting, winning him several prestigious journalism awards such as the George Foster Peabody Award.  Following his controversial decision to join the field of satellite radio, Edwards is currently hosting his own Sirius XM radio shows, “The Bob Edwards Show” and “Bob Edwards Weekend” which is distributed to public stations by Public Radio International (PRI). 

    Edwards’ new memoir, A Voice in the Box: My Life in Radio, recounts the story of his career as one of the most prominent figures in modern radio broadcasting.  Beginning with his early days as a hopeful college student knocking on station doors, A Voice in the Box follows Edwards on his journey to becoming an inductee in the National Radio Hall of Fame and a radio legend.  Employing the same keen observation skills that made him a good journalist, Edwards uses his memoir to offer readers a personal window into his life, work and the evolution of public journalism.                        

    Visit The Filson Historical Society tomorrow evening, Thursday, September 22nd, for the opportunity to hear The Voice outside of the box.  Starting at 6pm Edwards will talk about his new memoir and read selections.  The event is free to the public, but reservations are suggested.  Don’t miss a chance to listen to the story of this Louisville-born radio icon; who wouldn’t want to hear him speak?  

    The Filson Historical Society is located at 1310 S. Third St

    For more information, visit Edwards' event page on the Filson website or call 635-5083

    Photo: Courtesy of the Louisville Free Public Library Website


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