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    Eat & Swig

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    You don't have to be Jennifer Lawrence or a Ninja Turtle to appreciate a primo slice of 'za. Today, May 20, is National Pizza Party Day. Lucky for you, Louisville has many pizza places at which to indulge (or from which to order) so you can observe the holiday in proper celebratory (salivatory?) fashion. 
    We, the staff of, love pizza way more than we probably should. We have literally shared pizza together, straight out of the box, on the floor of the world headquarters, on more than one occasion. 
    "Melted cheese is my favorite food group, but meat is a close second. I don't eat bread, but I still love pizza: I'll take a bite of the whole piece, try the crust, and then eat the toppings off like a savage. My favorite pizza in town (probably for that no-carb reason) is Bearno's all-meat special pizza piled with sausage, pepperoni, hamburger, ham, bacon, and slices of Bearno's Homemade Italian Link sausage. Hometown Pizza (another regional chain) heaps their pizzas high with toppings too.
    Anything from The Post is amazing (so amazing I can't stop eating the darn crust) and the pizza at Noosh Nosh (which will open May 23) is delicious: made in a glittery red-tiled pizza oven with a rotating stone for even heat distribution. It's honestly really hard to go wrong with pizza, especially in Louisville. I also love the brunch pizza at Papalinos; they cure their own bacon, always a plus. Coals Artisan Pizza is where I take anyone who needs to be impressed. As far as post-alcohol: absolutely nothing beats a late-night slice at Pizza Donisi." - Elizabeth Myers, Editor
    "If there's one piece of truth that I've learned in my adult life, it's that there's really nothing that can bring you closer to someone like the way sharing a pizza with them can. There's just something remarkable about meeting a friend, a co-worker or even your little sister late at night for a round pan of greasy crust slathered with tangy tomato sauce and smothered in gooey ricotta cheese at Spinelli's.
    There's just some type of inexplicable good feeling associated with bonding with someone else over bite after bite of artful Italian goodness. And then of course, on gloomy days when stress consumes you and you just want to crawl back into bed alone and hide away from your insecurities, pizza is there to bring you closer to yourself. It warms the soul in the darkest of hours and brings you closer to the light at the end of the tunnel." - Carly Garcia, Staff Writer
    "In honor of National Pizza Party Day I would like to share my most recent experience with Louisville pizza. What started as a typical Tuesday dinner and cocktail with an old friend took a turn down Happy Hour Lane with a sharp right down bourbon boulevard. Naturally, as the Tuesday night made its way into early Wednesday morning a craving, a hankering for something round, covered in tomato sauce and melted cheese put my old friend and I in a one track pizza state of mind.
    Louisville, oh Louisville, while I think you have more pizza joints than necessary on a sober day, on a drunken blunderer you are perfect. To the apartment we went, to be frank because we were too drunk for even the dingiest of pizza establishments. No frozen pizza will do, no, it must be delivered, it must be Spinelli's because they delivery until 4:30 in the morning. A gift that no other pizza place in Louisville can offer. A gift I am thankful for every intoxicated night." - Katie Molck, Staff Writer
    Nothing will take your mind off the current political climate like the politics of pizza.
    Don't feel like leaving the house? Host your own pizza party.
    Sink your teeth into something melt-y and cheesy and actually magical.
    Vegetarians rejoice! You can pizza party just as hard as any carnivore. 
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    Big fan of bacon and bourbon, deep fried anything, sweet tea and sweet nothings.

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