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    Eat & Swig

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    This originally appeared in Vol. IV of Louisville Swig, December 2015
    Photos by Chris Witzke and Adam Mescan

    You’ve made New Year’s resolutions before, right? And — be honest — have you kept them? In this issue of SWIG, we’re giving you 10 resolutions you’ll actually keep. Because learning to make classic cocktails is a lot easier than training for that triathlon, and stocking your home bar to impress guests is a lot more fun than finally getting around to de-cluttering your closets.


    1. I resolve to learn to make the classics

    Marie Zahn, bar manager at the newly opened Butchertown Grocery (she previously worked at Meat and St. Charles Exchange, both now closed), gives tips on how to make four classic cocktails. It’s a lot easier than you might think.

    Learn to make this Whiskey Sour and three other classics:



    2. I resolve to discover these underrated neighborhood bars

    The beer selections and cocktail recipes at these places are simpler than at more celebrated spots, but what the bars might lack in polish, they make up for in character. Many are family-owned and have been in business for decades. Even if you’re not a neighbor, you won’t be a stranger for long. 

    We've rounded up some of the best neighborhood bars this city has to offer.


    3. I resolve to be less hungover

    Local pharmacist Sam Lee explains why some people get nasty hangover headaches. And he talks about Normalyte, the orange-flavored powder he created to ease them. Lee had Sullivan University pharmacy students taste-test Normalyte in the development phase.

    “If I talk to a person and I know they’re going to get hammered, I tell them, ‘Before you drink, pre-drink some Normalyte,’" says Lee. Find his other advice here. 


    4. I resolve to learn some trivia to throw out at parties

    We asked some local booze experts to give us their favorite drinking-related trivia. Try these conversation starters at the next cocktail party you attend. 


    5. I resolve to start drinking earlier

    The full bar is open for Saturday and Sunday brunch at The Silver Dollar. Bloody Marys, mimosas, bourbon and beer start flowing at 10 a.m. 

    The Silver Dollar | Photo by Adam Mescan


    6. I resolve to stay out late

    Seidenfaden’s, Saturday at 2:30 a.m.

    Sam Sneed, who recently won live DJ of the year at the Louisville Music Awards, spins records every Saturday night with members of the OK Deejays.

    Seidenfaden's | Photo by Adam Mescan

    7. I resolve to have a well-stocked home bar

    A trip to the liquor store to stock your home bar can be intimidating. Even at smaller stores, it can seem like there are a hundred bourbons to choose from…and that’s just one type of liquor. Paul Flohn, co-owner of Bourbon and Belles — a new drive-thru liquor store at 2232 Bardstown Road gives his suggestions for bar staples that will impress guests. 


    8. I resolve to not do this stuff

    Bartenders tell us stories about customers they never want to see again.

    We beg you, please don't be any of these people.


    9. I resolve to do this stuff

    A big part of our economy here is based on alcohol, so there's bound to be a few new things popping up every now and then. We know what you're trying out this year.


    10. I resolve to drink less

    “There’s seemingly a larger portion of the population that doesn’t drink anymore,” says Chad Sheffield, general manager of the NuLu restaurant Decca, one of the few places in town with a “mocktail” list. (Meta and Artesano Vino Tapas y Mas also have mocktail menus.) “Historically, you go in and you ask for an alternative beverage and you get an iced tea — that’s it.” In his new cookbook, Southern Heat, Seviche chef/owner Anthony Lamas offers a number of drink recipes designed to stand with or without any boozy alterations. If you want to start playing around with non-alcoholic cocktails at home, Sheffield, Lamas and Decca bar manager Bart Long suggest these ingredients and tell us how to use them.

    Start with the Grapefruit Fizz and go from there.


    This originally appeared in Vol. IV of Louisville Swig, December 2015
    Photos by Chris Witzke and Adam Mescan

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