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    When traveling through the wide open plains between the mountains of Colorado, you may find yourself speeding past a road sign that reads: "Welcome to Jefferson County." And if that isn't coincidental enough, you'll soon be seeing signs for Louisville.

    But don't worry, it's not that recent trip to one of the state's dispensaries playing a trick on you; there really is a Louisville in Colorado's Jefferson County. And though hundreds of miles separate the two cities, there are enough similarities to make you question everything you thought you knew about the city you call home.



    The Downtown District

    With its historic legal buildings, local restaurants and boutique shops, the downtown district of Louisville, Colorado isn't too different from our own. Similar to the frequent concerts, the shopping events and the beer festivals held downtown in our own city each year, the folks of Louisville, Colorado also enjoy a good community event. This place is known for hosting an impressive number of performances by both Colorado-based and national musicians in its downtown venues, in addition to many family-friendly events and festivals throughout the year.

    Image: Louisville, Colorado


    The Hipsters

    While Louisville, Kentucky may be known to the rest of the state as hipster capital, Louisville, Colorado has just as many vinyl record-loving, music-blaring, tattoo-stamped young adults. And we're not saying that's a bad thing! If there's one thing a hipster loves, it's cool stuff, and Louisville, Colorado is full of it. From outdoor concerts to Colorado-brewed beer, this place is an undeniable haven for hipsters.

    Image: Louisville, Colorado


    The Art

    Louisville, Kentucky prides itself on its beautiful local art. From the larger than life sculptures on display at Waterfront Park to the unique pieces at Revelry Boutique Gallery, there's plenty of art to see in every part of this city. And Louisville, Colorado can say the same for itself. Murals on buildings are common among the western part town, and art boutiques are rapidly growing in popularity. Colorado's Louisville even has an organized community art walk on every first Friday of the month; sound familiar?

    Image: Louisville Arts District


    The One Big Difference

    "Loo-ah-vool," "Loo-ee-vul," and "Loo-vul" are all acceptable ways to pronounce the name of Kentucky's River City. But when in Colorado, the town is pronounced as it's spelled: "Loo-is-vil." If that doesn't make a Louisville, Kentucky native cringe, I don't know what will. 

    For more information on Louisville, Colorado, visit the town's website or see it for yourself

    Cover image: Louisville, CO

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