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    Food truck
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    • " Kentucky judge agreed on Thursday to lift a restraining order that barred an outside political group from running campaign advertisements in the state. At a hearing Thursday, Franklin Circuit Court Judge Thomas Wingate agreed to lift his restraining order against Restoring America after the group disclosed that its sole donor was the father-in-law of Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams. The group has spent more than $1.3 million to air television ads critical of Democratic Gov. Steve Beshear and complimentary of Williams." [Bluegrass Politics]
    • "To all my fans: I have been telling everyone how Mayor Greg Fischer has been helping the food trucks and apparently I have had the wool pulled over my eyes. I was sent a copy of a press release last night that included a link to the new food truck ordinances and they didn't take away from it, they left it the same and added to it. You would be appalled at everything thats required of me to run my simple, small, local business. Some of the requirements are:
      1. Criminal Background and driving record checks on ALL my employees. (No other restaurant is required to do this)
      2. $50 government vendor IDs for each employee I have that must be worn at all times in operation and said permits will NOT be issued if they have a criminal background. (No other restaurant is required to do this)
      3. Drawn schematics, to scale, of every parking lot I sit in that show the location of the buildings, location of my truck, parking spaces, etc... and has to be labeled with distances. I could potentially go to 150+ locations a year.
      4. Notarized written authorization to operate on that property from the actual property owner. (Sometimes these owners do not live in state). These are the worst of them, there are many more that I really didn't have a problem with. But in addition to commercial code plumbing on my truck and all the other floor plans, schematics, equipment lists, etc.. that I have to submit I now have to do something that no other local small business is required to do and thats have 10 year criminal background checks on every employee." [Louisville Street Food via The Ville Voice]
    • "The Louisville Orchestra and the Kentucky Opera have each taken firm stands against the local musicians union. Orchestra management has given the players what they call the final offer for a new contract. It calls for any musicians who are currently in Louisville to be signed to a new contract, with an agreement that enough players will quit or retire by 2013 for the orchestra to only have 55 members." [WFPL]

    Photo: Courtesy Louisville Street Food

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