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    Meet The Foxery. This alternative rock band has been been playing the Louisville scene for years from house shows to clubs and finally caught the ear of a record company (Spartan Records in Seattle) to help them release their debut album "Unless" last September. Many of their songs are high impact and great to watch live. Here's multi-instrumentalist Travis Beck to tell more about the band before they head off to SXSW for the first time. 

    LC: Describe your music to someone who has never heard of you.
    Our music is loud, heavy, passionate, and honest. We put a lot of work into being a very musically dynamic band as well.

    LC: What is the band’s musical background?
    Calvin, our lead singer/guitarist, has been in choirs most of his life. So he has a noticeably soulful voice! The rest of us have been a part of countless bands in this music scene for years that has helped us mold our musicianship and appreciation for what it is to be in a band and create something.

    LC: What are some musical (or non-musical) influences that The Foxery draws from?
    A couple musical influences we all gravitate towards is the music of mewithoutYou, and really anything with loud guitars and genuine, heartfelt music. Outside of music we're influenced a lot by struggle, and how we've learned to cope and see the light in darkness.

    LC: Passionate is one word that usually describes The Foxery’s shows. Where does that on stage energy come from? 
    It comes from simply loving what we do. If the day ever comes where we don't love playing music together, we'll stop. There could be some pent-up angst in there somewhere that going crazy at a show may help release.

    LC: The Foxery released its debut album, “Unless,” last September. How do you feel about it a few months removed?
    We are still tremendously proud of that record. It was a huge step for us. It was a learning and growing experience. We are still focusing on getting it to people and continue to get feedback and such, so it's still exciting for sure. We've been writing a lot though and thinking on it a few months removed encourages us of what we can achieve together and motivates us to continue to create!

    LC: What feedback have fans, either online or at shows, given you about the new music?
    People have been really supportive. It's been incredible really. One thing that sticks out to me is that a lot of people have been unsure where to place the record as far as a genre goes. We've gotten a wide array of attempts, and that to me speaks volumes. I couldn't be more happy that we made something that in a way confuses people as far as what it is. I'm sure it turns some people off, being somewhat implacable in a certain genre or scene. But it's been neat to me to see all the different directions people have gone in categorizing the record.

    LC: One reason “Unless" was able to happen is because The Foxery signed with Spartan Records out of Seattle. How has it been working with them?
    It's been fantastic! John Frazier (who runs the label) has been a fantastic person to work with, and has helped us in so many ways. One of the things he told us initially when we were discussing the signing was that his main goal was not to control what we do, but rather to lift up all that we do and help it be as well-done as possible. He and the label have been so vital in what we've been able to accomplish this past year and we're very grateful!

    LC: What's one thing that could improve Louisville's music scene?
    I would say consistency. The music scene here is fantastic one night, and dismal the next. Getting back to the music scene being about community, just as much if not more than the music itself would improve it a lot I think. We love Louisville, but we know the scene can be better, and have experienced it's potential first-hand. Having that amazing potential become the norm would be nice for sure. 

    LC: What can we expect from The Foxery in 2015?
    New music! Maybe a split, or an EP, or both. We're likely to release some free tunes. A ton of writing. We're going to be touring all we can! And we'll be performing at an official SXSW showcase later this month, so that is super exciting for us! (More information about the SXSW showcase here.)

    LC: If we were to find The Foxery guys at one local establishment, where would that be?
    Probably at Golden Corral stuffing our faces!


    Photos provided by Travis Beck and courtesy of The Foxery's Facebook page. 

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