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    Meet Dr. Dundiff. He's an MC, a rapper, a drummer for Smoke Shops Kids, and so many other things. And he's still in college. One of Louisville's finest beats makers is celebrating the release of his album Frenemies With Benefits this Saturday at Highland Taproom Grill w/ Bird Zoo and Smoke Shop Kids. Here is a little bit more from Dr. Dundiff himself.

    LC: Describe your music to someone who has never heard of you. 

    DD: "My music is a multi-sample based fusion of hip-hop, jazz and soul. I love to incorporate little bits of different genres to create a new piece of music. My music still relies heavily on various rhythmic patterns. Buttery Boom-Bap."

    LC: What’s your musical background?

    DD: "I started playing upright bass in 5th grade and played it until my freshman year of high school. I taught myself the guitar in 8th grade and continued to pick up other instruments throughout my time in high school. I started seriously making beats after high school in 2010. I taught myself to play drums in 2012 when the Smoke Shop Kids originated. Now, here I am about to graduate from college with a degree in Music Technology."

    LC: You have a lot of versatility on stage. Do you have a favorite role? 

    DD: "I love being able to rap and orchestrate the band from behind the drum set. Doing those things together is where I feel most comfortable. However, my favorite roll is to be out front rapping with someone like Neil Lucas (drummer for The Pass) behind the kit. Then I know I don't have to worry about the beat and I can jump around and have fun. I love being on stage." 

    LC: What are your musical (or non-musical) influences? 

    DD: "My musical influences are everything. Directly, I am a huge fan of J-Dilla, Pete-Rock and Samiyam. Those three have influenced my production a great deal. Besides that, I listen to a lot of jazz.  Everything is inspiring."

    LC: You released your first album on Valentine’s Day. Can you talk about what making the album was like?

    DD: "Frenemies with Benefits is an album about benefits. You can learn something from anyone and every situation in life. Regardless if its from your friend or your enemy, you can benefit from them in someway. Therefore you shouldn't regret anything in life. I made this album while I was falling in love and in turn falling out of love. These songs are all the feelings that make up the good and bad of a relationship."

    LC: How is this new material different than music you have previously produced? 

    DD: "There is a real consistency and a solid concept to this album. From beginning to end it is like a story. This album is some of my best work as well as some of my freshest ideas. I also have a handful of collaborations from some of my favorite artists in the game right now. This album is special."

    LC: What does hip hop mean in Louisville? 

    DD: "Hip Hop in Louisville is family. It is beautiful to finally be able to say such a thing but it is true. We are all putting in heavy work to give hip-hop a great name in this city. This past year was a huge milestone for all of us and so far in the past few months we have proved that 2015 is going to be the year. We are taking over."

    LC: What's one thing that could improve Louisville's music scene

    DD: "Radio play by local artists! Support your musicians! People want to hear our music, play it!"

    LC: Besides the new release, what can we expect from Dr. Dundiff in 2015?

    DD: "I have two more releases lined up this year that will be big! I am also producing Touch A.C.'s new E.P. "Page of Cups" dropping on Easter. I have a surprise remix album I am doing as well as some other exciting news coming soon!"

    LC: If we were to find Dr. Dundiff at one local establishment, where would that be?

    DD: "Highlands Taproom Grill."

    You can find Dr. Dundiff's music on Soundcloud and Bandcamp

    Some of Dr. Dundiff's music is explicit. Photos provided by Dr. Dundiff. 

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