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    Bit to Do

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    Asylum Haunted Scream Park offers a unique experience if you've ever wanted to be in the middle of a zombie movie. In addition to the outdoors haunt Darkness Falls, a second outdoors haunt has been added called Zombie City.  There is also a zombie shooting gallery, and a dark carnival where visitors can win prizes. Asylum really knows how to create a fun atmosphere. We had a blast! The clown zipping around on the mini-dirt bike sets up the atmosphere of fun the minute you arrive. 

    Zombie City

    Zombie City is marked with a sign, and as you approach a quarantined area, you are handed face masks and warned that you are entering at your own risk and that you can wander where you like but to beware. Upon entering the city, you find yourself in a desolate city with rundown cars and buildings. You are approached by one of the towns folk and can see zombies shuffling about. As he warns you about dangers, he tackles an approaching zombie so you can pass by. It is a little psychologically disturbing,  and I found my motherly instinct kick in as I grabbed my son's jacket and guided him away from and around the zombies. Actors approach you and guide you one way or the other, telling you a little bit of the story as you move through the city and find yourself in the swamp. As you move through the swamp and find yourself in another part of the city, you have to get onto a bus that you can see lighting inside of. I did not want to get on the bus. It is just a little terrifying to have to get on to a confined small space in order to move on with only one exit at the other end when you don't know what is in that small confined space. I have to say that my favorite actor in the entire scream park was in zombie city: a small guy who was very spastic and rambling in the maze. I just loved his character. It was one of the most believable.

    Darkness Falls:

    Darkness Falls leads you for about 45 minutes through the woods, with scenes sporadically placed. A character at the beginning gives you the warnings about not touching the actors or 

    losing personal items as they will not be searched for. He opens a door that leads you into a very narrow hallway of sorts. Along the trail, I ran in to a variety of scary things like a girl who pointed at me and told her daddy she wanted me for her new doll, which caused him to chase me with a chainsaw. We also saw a dentist's office, creatures on stilts, demonic possessions, and clowns. One of the most fun things was the clown slides that dump you into a pit of foam pieces. The little clown hovering at the top of the slides was also a favorite. He clung to my slide as I threw myself past him. Best scare at a haunt this year: one of the characters that was eating people made this gross sucking sound. I was out of her cabin and a good ten feet away when I heard her make the sound in my ear, causing me to leap and dart away. I hate that sound. Getting caught off guard with it was one of the most uncomfortable moments I've had this year. Keep your mouth closed as you enter the scenes. The actor in the last one slammed her butcher knife down on a tray of water, causing me to yell "UGH, IT WENT IN MY MOUTH".

    Zombie Shooting Gallery

    Here's your chance to line up at a table and shoot at zombies with paint balls. The idea was so exciting, we couldn't pass it up. I was a little disappointed with this. You can see strobe lights going from the outside of the huge arena it is contained within  and your mind just builds it up a lot. The reason for the disappointment is that the strobe lights make it hard to tell if you actually hit any of the zombies or not. I aimed and shot at the metal barrels a couple times to make sure I had paint balls in my gun.  This is fun to do for the novelty of it, but if you're competitive or want to be able to know you hit anything, you might be a little disappointed. Your guns are tethered to the table. It is a shooting gallery set up. 

    Carnival of Lost Souls

    An array of carnival games await for you to play, complete with prizes of all sizes. There is also a vending booth where you can buy all sorts of zombie related items, including zombie family car decals.

    The Asylum Haunt Scream park also has periodic shows going on with a lip sync drag show by Boyzz By Knnight, geek show by Shawna the Dead and Fire Breathing by Midian Muir. 

    The tickets for Zombie City and Darkness Falls are $20 each, while tickets for the zombie hunting are $8.  I recommend getting the package that allows you to do all of them for $36 and make a night of it. The Asylum Scream Park is located in Valley Station off of Stonestreet. Directions can be found on their web site

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