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    Bit to Do

    Local author Daniel Meyer brings ‘Gargoyles and Grotesques’ to the Jeffersonvill
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    I, my dearies, really like haunted houses. 

    The fake ones – ahem, the “thematic” ones – my friends.  The stages set for spooktacular thrills for the cost of a hot date.  It’s something I ponder all the live-long year until October slinks up and scuttles low and sultry to the ground all around me.  I want to get scared in those splattered up rooms of deconstructed comic terror.  Things that go bump?  Hook me up.  Sharp tools and screaming victims?  Let’s roll!  Sickening torture at the hands of those startling demons of human nature?  I’m a fan. 

    Haunt.  Me. UP.

    But, ah yes, there is one slight problem.  Minor thing, really.  It’s possible that I may actually be utterly and magnificently terrified of the dark.  Oh dear.

    And, it’s also possible that – when faced with a dark bedroom and a be-shadowed closest – I may have a tendency to cry like a – how do you say? – a “female dog”.  It’s hot.

    But, I’m a brave woman, kittens.  I killed a wolf spider all by myself yesterday.  And what was it that Eleanor Roosevelt said?  “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.”  That’s it, isn’t it?  Piece of cake (or a pillowcase full of candy.  SO CLOSE)!  I’m not scared of being afraid.  I’m scared of being afraid by myself in a pitch black room on a pitch black night where a deranged chainsaw villain may or may not be lurking in my shoe closet. 

    Point: setting plays a deep role in the fight or flight reactors of my brain (and most of those reactors seem to be set to “flight”).  And as it would turn out, the Halloween backdrop in The Ville isn’t all just fake blood and rusty gates.  How about a little local history mixed up in your All Hallow’s neighborhood?  Join local author Daniel Meyer as he presents his new book, Gargoyles and Grotesques of the Ohio River Valley, tonight, Thursday, October 25th at the Jeffersonville Township Public Library at 6pm (so I should hurry up and get to the point shouldn’t I?)

    A local health inspector by day, Daniel Meyer also delves into a happy dalliance with words.  The author of the book True Tales of a Health Inspector (I’m not sure I really want to know the truth, kids), Meyer’s latest release, Gargoyles and Grotesques takes readers on an entirely different kind of true tale tour.  Armed with loads of photographs, research and plenty of travel around the country, Meyer explores the sinister stone guardians of architecture and gives a real life portrait of these spooky sculptures adorning our region.

    Not ready to “Enter if you dare” just yet at Waverly?  It’s ok; I’m only going if you promise to hold my hand.  Make some impromptu plans tonight (yeah, sorry about timing, I got distracted.  There may have been frozen yogurt involved) and join Daniel Meyer over the river for a fascinating look at those fabled and frightening demons of the doorways. 

    Copies of Gargoyles and Grotesques of the Ohio River Valley will be available for purchase on site.  The Jeffersonville Township Public Library is located at 211 East Court Avenue.

    Image: Courtesy of Amazon

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