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    The Louisville Independent Business Alliance has been helping Kentucky keep in touch with its local businesses through their Facebook and main web page for years now. With every new establishment LIBA help to support, Kentucky gains a multitude of benefits. LIBA has been goal-oriented on keeping Louisville diverse, clean, local, and well-employed by using all their resources to help businesses network and establish a fair chance at succeeding in a world where large companies seem to dominate the economy. While many people in Louisville seem to know about LIBA's website and Facebook page, not as many know there is an actual application for your phones and smart devices that gives immediate results on local businesses. 

    The Keep Lou Weird app is downloadable on all devices and allows you to easily access information about the alliance, local events, newsletters, and of course businesses involved with LIBA. There is also a section that helps you find out how to volunteer for LIBA and help out with some of their larger events, like the upcoming Buy Local Fair that will showcase many local artisans and businesses from all around Kentucky. You may also very easily look at their member directory and choose from categories such as; entertainment, food and drink, non-profit, retail, services, supporters, and telephone systems. This accessibility helps many citizens find exactly what they are looking for in local establishments at any time of the day. This application is totally free and easily leads you through becoming a member and signing up for any of their services. Whether you have a small business that needs some attention, or simply want to start living locally, this app is a must-have for anyone who believes in a cleaner, more diverse Kentucky. 

    Live local and Keep Louisville Weird!

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