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    Bit to Do

    Leeza Gibbons talks new beginnings with her new book at Barnes & Noble
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    Today when I woke up and looked out the window, I knew the world was changed.  I am still on the same planet and no manner of country, creed or address has altered itself.  I weigh more or less the same.  I am still recognizable.  If you knew me before today – this day – you could still feasibly pick me out in an undulating crowd of faces.  But this day I am a different Day.  This day is the day I smeared some blue ink on white paper, and I let the page say its legal stuff, and I transformed my life on a copy machine. 

    This day I can breathe for all the reasons I was choking on all the toxicity of the past.  All those days that were bright acid green.  It was cloudy today.  It was windy today.  And everyone who passed me on the street looked me in the eye (really, they did).  Today I got a divorce.  Mazel Tov. 

    Also: my nephew was born.  The past dissolves in a sea of paperwork and nostalgia.  Human beings spring into the Earth in bubbles of blood and love.  New beginnings everywhere.  Normal.  There is nothing new under the sun, and it is such a comfort.

    And so, with a nod to Today and whatever other handfuls of Todays there will be in the future of everyone everywhere, I salute this:

    Join popular television personality, Leeza Gibbons, as she shares her new book, Take 2: Your Guide to Creating Happy Endings and New Beginnings, at the Summit area Barnes & Noble and affirms that wisdom which is perfect in its simplicity: you can always start over.             

    While perhaps best known for hosting a number of news magazine programs such as Extra, Entertainment Tonight and America Now, Leeza Gibbons is also no stranger to the written word.  Joining the success of her first book and memoir, Take Your Oxygen First: Caring for Yourself while Caring for Someone with Memory Loss, Gibbons introduces readers to her perspectives on forging a new path with Take 2.  While drawing on her own experiences, Gibbons imparts the simple wisdom of taking ownership, making no apologies and rebooting a stagnant life without fear.  Starting 7pm tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30th, Gibbons will bring both her book and her philosophy to readers in person for a special signing.

    I signed things today.  I signed things and gave them away to be put on file and grow a soft fur of dust somewhere that is nowhere in the County Clerk’s office.  I signed them and then walked away from the court house.  It was windy and mild and green-gray like forest moss in the sky.  I’ve walked that stretch of sidewalk probably a thousand times – dozens with a similar sky.  But it was a different thing happening beneath my boots, because I came out on the other side and nothing will ever be the same.  It is good.

    The Summit area Barnes & Noble is located at 4100 Summit Plaza Drive.  For more information, call the store at (502) 327-0410.

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