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    Bit to Do

    Author M. Scotty Lamkin presents his new book ‘Chance is the Providence of Adven
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    There are any number of tangents here that I could follow through to fruition.  This is an easy one to sew up, shine up and wrap up nicely for your pre-turkey sensibilities.  For the quivering and daunting kick-off to the “Holiday Season” looming at the other end of the week.  Some people say it’s colored black (that might just be a vague Rolling Stones reference, though). 

    So what fits best?  Where does the synapse fire sweetest?  Look: Adventure.  Wilderness.  Bravery.  Chance.  Basketball (this one not so much, though).  These are all easy trip-wire words that could take you and me, kid, sailing through the Land of Digress only to land safely at the doorstep of M. Scotty Lamkin’s new book, Chance is the Providence of Adventurers, with nary a scratch to our bones.  It looks like we may already be ready to knock, though, because that right there is the title and the author’s name all in the same sentence; so that means I need to do this:

    Join explorer, author and Alaskan tour guide of 30 years, M. Scotty Lamkin, as he presents the ruminations of a life lived in adventure at The Summit location of Barnes & Noble Booksellers.  Along with friend – and sometimes travel buddy – Denny Crum, Lamkin will sign copies of Chance is the Providence of Adventurers and discuss his years of life in the wilds starting at 2pm.

    Following the life of Lamkin’s career as a professional guide and adventurer, Chance reads as part travelogue and part memoir as Lamkin recounts how a Kentuckian with 50 bucks and backpack arrived in the Alaskan wilderness and made a life of exploration a reality.  While describing both the beauties and dangers of his escapades, Lamkin also uses his book to emphasize how that proverbial first step – i.e. Chance – can be the key to making the right kind of change in life.

    Denny Crum will be there too tonight, yeah.

    I would like to talk about the Poor Wayfaring Stranger that lives in my heart, now.  The Stranger is ageless, nameless, odorless and tasteless.  They have no predilection towards being clearly male or female.  And I recognized The Stranger had moved in several years ago.  You have one too there in your chest.  And it’s bedraggled and full of gypsy and not very talkative – it’s a little scary to see once you know it’s there.  But The Stranger is really no more than the thirst for Change and Adventure and Unknown – or other platitudes that challenge human beings to be better than the ones that they currently are.  I would encourage you slip into bed with this wide-grin lonesome Stranger inside you – the pay off from a dalliance with proffered Chance is all the sweeter than outcomes you can connect like dots.  And then, maybe, you can write it all down and show us how it went.              

    The Summit location of Barnes & Noble is located at 4100 Summit Drive.  For more information, call (502) 327-0410.

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