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    wonderful varieties of cheese!
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    Despite the rain, I ventured down to the Bardstown Farmer's Market for my first time today, and I would gladly trade soggy feet for another trip tomorrow. I'm going to set the weather aside completely and just say that the entire experience is wonderful – the available produce is excellent, the prices are amazing, and the farmers are all wonderful people. With all the excellent things I found today, I'd still have to say the stand-out experience was – for me – Kenny's Farmhouse Cheeses. I managed to snag some samples of their various varieties, and I want – no, I need to share with you some of my favorites. These are cheeses that can change the world.

    For starters, they offer a wide variety of your basic cheeses – cheddar, colby, etc. Don't take that as an indication of boring cheese – these basics were all far superior to their store-bought competitors. The cheese I've bought in the past should barely be allowed to call itself cheese compared to some of these marvels of dairy perfection. I tried quite a few today, but five stood out to me and you owe it to yourself to find them too.

    1 – Asiago

    Yes, basic. But I've always loved asiago, and this was by far the most amazing bit of asiago cheese I've ever had. Not only did it have a wonderfully sharp, tangy and unique flavor, but it was considerably softer than other asiagos, which thrills me to no end. I really like softer cheeses.

    2 – Monterey Jack

    Your usual Monterey Jack is the kind of cheese that isn't even quite there. Sure, it's on your sandwich and it wants to have flavor, but it never quite does. Not so with this one. I was so amazed when I bit into this that I had to check the label again.

    3 – Bleu Gouda

    Well, what's not to like? Gouda is one of my favorites, and this was no exception. It was wonderfully flavorful and had a great tang of bleu, which was made even more wonderful by its uneven distribution in the slice. A bit of Gouda here, and a bit of bleu there.

    4 – Chipotle

    This is an amazing cheese. My girlfriend described it as a “meat lover's cheese” - in fact, it almost kind of tastes like a Slim Jim, which I found pretty amazing.

    5 – Habanero Cheddar

    This is a spicy cheese! It packs a punch, and mixed with a great cheddar flavor it rounds out my list of favorites. If Jalapeno (another Kenny's variety) isn't strong enough for you, give this kick-in-the-tongue cheddar a go. You'll love it.

    Kenny's Farmhouse Cheeses even makes all their amazing cheese with vegetable rennet, and as a vegetarian that thrills me to no end! It's quite difficult to determine who uses veggie rennet in their cheese, and I'm really impressed that their website indicates it so clearly.

    Kenny's can be found all over town – head over to their website to check out their amazing cheeses and where to find them!

    Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese

    Bardstown Road Farmer's Market

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