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    Every time the Derby comes back around, too many of us get caught up in the excitement of horse racing and nonstop partying, forsaking the lessons we learned last year. The hangover is inevitable —compounded this year by a poorly-timed Mothers Day— and it makes Monday morning really, really hard to survive. If you find yourself hanging onto the end of your rope, try one of these recovery methods. If you're lucky, the pain of Derby 142 will have faded in time for you to make poor decisions at 143.

    Used to treat a number of ailments, from migraines and chronic fatigue to stroke and MS, hyperbaric oxygen chambers have also found use in curing the common hangover. The therapy circulates oxygen throughout your body, using pressure and science to do the work and give your red blood cells a bit of a boost, bringing new life to muscles —including your brain. Most oxygen therapy happens in hospitals, but Louisville has its own independent hyperbaric center - Oxybaric.

    Floatation Therapy
    Also known as sensory deprivation tanks, float pods offer the ability to leave your world behind. The water that you float in is packed with Epsom salt and warmed to match body temperature, letting you float without feeling anything (imagine that feeling you get when you dive into a pool that’s the perfect temperature, not knowing where you end and the water begins). Float in the dark for 90 minutes and achieve deep meditation, or just let your mind wander, without all the stress of the world weighing you down. Try Cloud9 or Weightless.

    I’ve previously written about trying to cure my allergies with acupuncture. I’ve continued going to acupuncture and found that it’s also a really great treatment for muscle pains and mental stress —it can also be used to treat the symptoms of a hangover, including hitting some pressure points that will ease that nausea you’re feeling. Get a good half hour of acupuncture in and you’ll leave feeling like a new you.

    What better way to stop feeling like a shell of your former self, than to have a stranger work the feeling back into your extremities? Similar to acupuncture, a masseur can use pressure points to relieve the symptoms that come from one too many mint juleps.
    You can usually find a Groupon for a cheap massage - and your insurance provider may even cover the cost.​

    Sometimes, all you need to feel better is a greasy burger and some fries. We’re partial to Bunz for an escape from our slightly-too-bright computer screen on Monday.​

    Hair of the Dog
    It wouldn’t be such a well-known cure if it didn’t work, right? Right.
    Try Over The 9 for some sweet deals on mimosas and Bloody Marys (they’re a dollar each on Sundays). If you’re across the river, Gospel Bird has some pitchers to choose from, plus several champagne cocktails and a Sunday fried chicken buffet.


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