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    Bit to Do

    Give gratitude for your holiday haul: create thank-yous at the Louisville Librar
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    But after the fact?  After the fact it’s a lot of ash.  The graying lumps of charcoal making dust in the grate.  Gold like that can’t burn brilliant forever, folks.  It’s not meant to.  So this Thank You in the mail, After-The-Fact, isn’t as genuine.  It’s a cheaper replica.  A stark and cold sliver of dead tree with a slapdash of handwriting on it that attempts to encapsulate whatever it was that burst like a champagne bottle for Us earlier.  I don’t like it.  You don’t like it.  This is not what we had.  Boooo…

    There is a lot of potential for this sad imitation to happen now that the big hullabaloo is over.  Now that Christmas has been Merry and Hanukkah has been Happy and the Season has been totally Greeted.  I’m sure we all did a bang-up job flooding each other with molten gold goo.

    I was given a lot of Good Books.  And some Bob Ross.  And some Frank Sinatra.  And yet another dose of Painful But Necessary Life Affirmations.  I’m very grateful for all of it (in some form or another).  But I’m not sending out anything prefabricated to anyone.  Nope.     

    Please now note my use of the word “prefabricated”. 

    Please now allow me to show you where my vendetta against the Thank You ends: your hands.  I’ve already waxed about the human hand before.  It’s a biological thing of beauty and might.  You know.  You’ve got your own pair, most likely.

    I think this is the place to use them. 

    There is no obligation to ever thank me on paper – or thank me at all, really.  I’d rather just watch you be happy.  But if your cup simply runneth over, and this moment of Good you are thankful for simply must be made tangible – make it real.  Make it with your hands.  Here’s the word: craft it. 

    Now it’s A Thing.  Now it Means Something.  Now it’s good and golden.  I’ll save that Thing, because it really just is from You to Me.  There’s a lot of cheesy and warm-fuzzy stuff that will be going on here, too.  We’re both going to feel like two big ol’ saps.  Sheepish.  It’ll be super grand.  And we’ll both super love it deep down where the Love-magma lives.

    Is this the kind of Life Lesson the library us going to dole out when the wee ones gather tomorrow to color and sticker and glitter at Many Thanks! craft time?  Probably not to this degree – MY degree.  But their little hands will still be busy and happy and golden, and that Thanks will be a pretty Real Thanks. 

    So: Many Thanks! craft time tomorrow, Thursday, December 27th at 2pm at the Main branch of the Louisville Free Public Library.  Totally free.

    Also: it’s snowing.  I’m pretty thankful for that. 

    The Louisville Free Public Library’s Main branch is located at 301 York Street.

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