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    A certain part of art has always been the realm of the unknown, and of the mystical. It has long tread the line between what we experience in our day-to-day lives and what exists on the periphery of our senses and reality, and so the new show opening tomorrow at Revelry is the perfect theme, not only for art as a whole but especially for the season. Tomorrow night heralds the opening of The Future Is Unwritten, a collaborative show featuring twenty one local artists and themed on the art of the Rider-Waite Tarot deck.

    It started in the spring when Lyndi Lou approached Mo McKnight Howe at Revelry with the idea for a large show centered on the tarot. “(MckNight Howe) was instantly into it,” Lou said. The hard part was trimming a massive list of artists down to a manageable number. They arrived at the solidly un-occult number of twenty one. “It doesn’t have any meaning aside from the smallest we could get the list,” Lou laughed.

    And it’s an impressive list, even drawing in local art legend Adrian Wright. Lou was thrilled to have him on board, and even more thrilled that he’s started to produce more art because of it. “Adrian has been inactive for a while, which I know has bummed out a lot of local artists and collectors,” she said, “but when I spoke to him recently he said that this show has gotten him painting again.”

    Along with Wright, the other twenty artists were handpicked by Lou and McKnight Howe and not one turned the show down. In the beginning of October, everyone convened at Revelry and decided what card they wanted to work on. “Each person picked a card that they liked,” Lou said, “but it’s funny - pretty much every person who picked one out has researched it and has come to identify with the card.”

    There will be works in a variety of mediums, from Lou’s own woodburned and watercolored King of Pentacles to photographs and sculpture. It’s being held in the main space, so Dustin Dirt’s gallery show will be going on simultaneously.

    If an evening of art that dances on the fringes of the occult history of the tarot sounds like your thing (and honestly, given the time of year who isn’t into it?) then make sure you come by

    Revelry Friday starting at 7PM

    . The event is free, open to the public, and there will even be a tarot reader present in case you decide to indulge in the spirit of the night.

    Artists featured:

    Lyndi Lou

    Sean McGlone

    Vinnie Kochert

    Adrian Wright

    Bobby Hinkel

    Robby Davis

    Rich Merwarth

    Karl Otto

    Dennis Pase

    Greg Mosier

    Damon Thompson

    William Ragland

    Phoebe Digges-Elliott

    Ben Barnhart

    Bernhardt Geyer

    Harrison Fogle

    Megan Tierney

    Meredith Cunningham

    Petersen Thomas

    Mark Paris

    Alex Kennedy


    Photo courtesy of Revelry Gallery

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