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    Kentucky native and hillbilly country rocker Dwight Yoakam is one mysterious dude. He often seems to remain under the mild concealment of his cowboy hat’s front bill or behind one of his many guitars while performing. But, he’ll be front and center and anything but concealed on Friday when he waylays his iconic rock-a-billy style of country music at Horseshoe Casino’s Showroom. Sorry folks, as you may have already anticipated, this show has sold out.

    Born in 1956 in Betsy Layne, Kentucky (a suburb of Pikeville) Yoakam spent much of his childhood in the small eastern Kentucky town before his family relocated to Columbus, Ohio. He attended Ohio State University briefly, but dropped out and moved to Nashville in the late 70’s to pursue his career in music.

    Officially debuting in 1986 with Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc., Yoakam’s career in music has been successful to say the least. He’s sold over 23 million albums worldwide and has recoded 11 studio albums in addition to several cover and compilation albums. He is rumored to be working on a new release for 2011 or 2012 since his last release with 2005’s Blame The Vain.

    Yoakam’s also managed to star in and produce several movies with some notable success. His best role came with 1996’s Slingblade which he co-starred along with Billy Bob Thornton. Yoakam plays a drunken redneck named Doyle who essentially has a shitty band, is pissed off at life and fights with his girlfriend all the time. It’s an interesting role for Yoakam to say the least given his real-life demeanor.  

    Dwight Yoakam transcends what most of today’s country music artists in the industry are even capable of doing. Writing and performing. Both. He comes from a time and breed of country musicians, where they were exactly that. Musicians. Not just being a show-boy, although Yoakam’s got that aspect nailed too.

So, for those who got their tickets early enough, well, enjoy one of country music’s signature voices and original glamour boys of the industry. I'm sure he'll vocally twang and sexually-guitar-pose his way right into your little drunken hearts. Girls always like him anyway.

    Aside from the plethora of hits Yoakam will deliver, he’ll also give you a lesson on why it’s cool to be a redneck from Kentucky.

    Dwight Yoakam
The Showroom 
    Horseshoe Casino 
Southern Indiana
    Elizabeth, IN
    7:30 pm
    $40-$80  SOLD OUT


    * Photo courtesy of Dwight Yoakam

    ** Jason Ashcraft is a freelance music writer who focuses on Kentucky's original music scene. Visit his blog at or you scan this QR code on your smart phone to view the mobile site:

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    About Jason Ashcraft

    Jason is a life-long Louisville native who grew up in the Highlands, and now resides in an undisclosed fortified location somewhere in Louisville. He's followed Louisville's rock music scene for almost 10 years, first as a concert promoter, then an artist manager, and now a music critic and reviewer. He's one crazy Jarhead who'll literally publish anything his mind conceives on impulse, so don't always expect him to follow the traditional laws of journalism. He has intent of reviving Hunter S. Thompson's “gonzo journalism” if only his editors will allow it...which they don't usually.

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