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    Civil War app highlights incredible story of Kentucky and Catholic Sister histor
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    History is full of interesting and unique stories, and many historians find the civil war a particular time of interest. Throughout history, many acts of bravery from amazing women have been buried. While many are familiar with the famous pictures of soldiers landing on the shores of Normandy during World War II, very few are familiar with the photos of groups of women arriving to provide support and medical attention. Sisters from the Catholic Church are often behind the selfless acts that truly drive our species forward in times of peril, but they do not receive the attention they deserve. Civil War Truce draws readers into the past with the story of a Kentucky orphan turned  Sister who served injured and ill civil war soldiers so valiantly that her own life ended up forfeit. 

    This engaging app from Davis Studio mixes things up, giving the user a multi-media novel experience that is full of interesting facts and trivia surrounding the young lady known as Sister Mary Lucy Dosh and the dangerous times she lived in. This non-fiction e-book/app offers graphics, music, videos and animations to bring the tale to life, commemorating the amazing spirits of the Sisters.

    As the app says, her life was full of death, and it began early in childhood when she lost her parents (and later sister). She 

    ended up at St. Vincent’s Orphan Asylum, which quickly became overwhelmed with an influx of children as cholera stripped them of their parents. The nuns caring for the children noticed Barbara’s beautiful voice and sent her to St. Vincent’s Academy to further develop her talent and education. She said she wanted to find wealth and finer living, but she returned to the school despite being adopted by a wealthy family who had hoped to make her their heir. She entered the sisterhood and became quite an uplifting fixture at a Civil War hospital. She did everything she could to keep the spirits of the soldiers and doctors with her singing and service. At the young age of 22, she was named the “angel of the fever ward.”

    The app is full of small graphics you can touch for extra tidbits of information that will give you a deeper understanding of how horrific the times were. One chilling such piece of trivia speaks of the Sisters being surrounded by amputated arms and legs. As you move through the app, the sound effects, haunting songs, historic photos and videos will transport you to another time, making it a great way to curl up and spend a Sunday afternoon, escaping from the world around you. It will leave you inspired and a bit emotional as you contemplate how different life is now and the acts of bravery and selflessness that humans are capable of. 

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    Jessica Lynn has been writing for since fall of 2010 and has also been published in LEO, Velocity, Voice-Tribune and others after serving as Editor in Chief of The JCC student newspaper, The Quadrangle. She has also served as columnist or contributing writer to an array of online publications.

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