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    When Byan Todd was approached by Michelle Jones to create a badge for Louisvillians to use symbolizing made in Louisville, products Todd wanted a design embodying the uniqueness, culture, history and pride that all go into the heart of Louisville-made products. 

    “Old, fashioned local pride,” said Jones is the motivation for the Louisville Made symbol.  Jones runs the blog, Consuming Louisville, which aims to drive business and traffic to “people and businesses doing interesting and cool things in Louisville,” according to the bog.   When developing her app, Menu and Hours, which is no longer operating, the idea of the Louisville Made symbol first sparked Jones’ mind. 

    Now, Jones is making products made in Louisville come to life with the brand of Louisville Made and all that it signifies in support.  Jones said, “A strong, beautiful symbol,” brings to life “product(s) that has its roots (or its soul, if you like) in Louisville, Kentucky.” 

    “I think it’s good to draw attention to the things that so many people are making and doing within the city,” said Todd.  The Louisville Made symbol does just that by marking and declaring what Louisvillians should take pride in.  “The Louisville Made icon was a great idea of Michelle's to have something simple that kind of tied everyone together in a small way,” said Todd. 

    The uniqueness of the symbol can be seen wherever it’s branded.  From Louisville blogs to medical news and Louisville trivia, the Louisville Made symbol brands products with hearts rooted in the city.  “People are eager to brag to out of towners and visitors all the great things they love about Louisville. I think that passion easily makes it's way into the things they build, bake and design,” said Todd. 

    To use the Louisville Made symbol, visit Louisville Made, download the image and post it without making any changes to it.  Branding a Louisville Made product means taking the city along with you in whatever journey your product travels.  

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