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    2:1 FAVORITE, CatVideoFest

    Feb. 21-23, Speed Art Museum

    Upside: The Internet has revived some of the best aspects of ancient Egypt, like the use of hieroglyphics (insert wink emoji) and the deification of cats. And since the Speed houses both masterpieces from antiquity and cutting-edge contemporary works, it only makes sense that the museum would combine the two in a screening of our culture’s highest artform: cat videos. Ten percent of ticket sales will go to Alley Cat Advocates and the Kentucky Humane Society.
    Downside: There is a slight chance that, after the screening, you will become enthralled by Bastet, whose divine feline magnificence will leave you drooling as you scroll through cat video after cat video into the wee hours of the morning.


    3:1, Carl Laemmle (as part of the Louisville Jewish Film Festival) 

    Feb. 27, Village 8 Theatres

    Upside: You might know Carl Laemmle as the founder of Universal Studios, but, as this documentary explores, the German-born Jewish immigrant was also a staunch advocate for Jewish refugees, sponsoring hundreds of families’ relocation to the United States during the Holocaust, when the government was still turning a cold shoulder.
    Downside: Trump issued an executive order allowing local officials to reject refugees; a federal judge blocked it in January. This documentary seems far more relevant to today’s political landscape than it should. 


    6:1, Louisville Winter Beerfest

    Feb. 14-15, Kentucky International Convention Center

    Upside: Thousands of craft beer selections will drown out any remaining guilt you feel about dropping your resolution to battle that belly.
    Downside: Bro, you’ve GOTTA try this IPA.


    15:1, Louisville Fairytale Ball

    Feb. 15, Hyatt Regency

    Upside: Is it even possible to keep your kid from meeting a woman dressed as Elsa? You might as well avoid the tears and relent now. Also, the promotional materials include a photo of a woman dressed as Moana — we’re humming “We Know the Way” as we’re writing this.
    Downside: Beyond the whole what-do-princesses-teach-our-kids-about-gender dilemma, there’s the unfortunate prospect of entering not just the Hyatt Regency, but the Hyatt Regency filled with throngs of other people’s children.


    27:1 LONGSHOT,​ The Office! A Musical Parody

    Feb. 20-22, the Kentucky Center

    Upside: Look, before you get your pitchforks out, we’ve got nothing against The Office, and we even have the stomach for the occasional musical parody. This will probably be pretty funny.
    Downside: On the other hand, musical-parody status is a sure sign that a TV show is stretching its cultural capital pretty damn thin. The Office has already crowded out Friends as American television’s lowest common denominator. Do we really need it to be more than the white noise we turn on when we can’t sleep?


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