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    On your way to being #InstaFamous or just need to freshen up your feed? There's no need to look farther than right here in Louisville for some perfect Instagram photo opportunities. Hit up these suggested spots and start posing. 

    St. James Court

    I know everyone knows about St. James, but it still kind of feels like a secret treasure. Everything is in full bloom during the summer and it’s a really nice area kind of wedged into Old Louisville. There’s also lots of different angles you can get of the same thing, so no two Instagram pictures will be alike. Bonus: I saw three dogs within two steps of getting out of my car.

    Image: Margo Morton

    Caperton Swamp

    There’s a swamp on River Road, and I’m still not over it. A nearly mile-long trail surrounds the water, and during my walk I saw both a deer and a giant crane thing (I'm no bird expert). This place isn’t even hidden — the “Caperton Swamp” sign sits right in view of passerby, but it’s easy to overlook, because all you see is a parking lot. I used to drive down River Road almost every day for three school years and still didn’t know this was a thing. Now I’m so glad I do. This is truly a hidden gem of Louisville, and it’s a great place to chill out with nature without going too far out.

    Image: Margo Morton

    Cave Hill Cemetery

    A place surrounded in history and beauty. Cemeteries aren't the usual Insta-spots unless you're looking for a creepy Halloween post, but there's something totally different going on here. While you're there, pay tribute to some of Louisville's most famous residents, including The Colonel and the late Owlsley Brown Frazier.

    Image: Michelle Eigenheer

    Crescent Hill Reservoir

    I ended up here at 9 a.m. on a Saturday morning. I’m never up that early on a weekend if I can help it, but I’m willing to say it was worth it to experience the reservoir on a quiet morning. You’ll see a few people jogging and walking around the water, and there’s plenty of cool pics ready to be created in front of the gatehouse.  

    Image: Margo Morton

    Speed Art Museum

    When the Speed had their opening party in March after being closed for more than three years, it was impossible to go on Instagram (or Facebook, or Twitter, or... you get the point) without seeing someone posing in the museum next to the coolest piece of art they could find. That's understandable, because how could you not be excited about the museum opening back up? Go in on a Sunday (when admission is free!) and keep an eye out for your favorite piece of picture-worthy art. One of my favorites is this interactive wall in the children's area.

    Image: Farren Vaughan

    Door to Nowhere

    Now located on River Road, at Frankfort Ave., this is one of the few remains of a once thriving neighborhood. Don't let it die — immortalize it in a #ThrowbackThursday post.

    Image: Michelle Eigenheer


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