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    John Wilson is the Sales Manager for Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse in Downtown Louisville. They were recently nominated for “Best Steakhouse in Louisville” by the readers of Louisville Magazine. Wilson is in charge of marketing, sales and oversees advertising for the companies Louisville location. Ruby’s allows him to dress however he likes which meshes well with the restaurant’s bold designs, variety of colors and mixed with a little art deco by designer Dave Stevens.              

    What influences you style wise?                   

    “I love finding that old vintage piece of clothing that I paid $5 for and being able to make it look like $5 million. I don’t care what anyone says; they do not make clothes like they used to. I have an old Christian Dior jacket that fits like a glove. Not only that, it make me feel like a million bucks. I am very eclectic when it comes to my style. My father loved to wear hats and so do I. But be careful of a man that wears them too much. They may have something to hide. Versace has always been a huge influence on my style. That fashion house is timeless and classic.”                       

    What are your favorite things in your closet?                    

    “My favorite thing in my closet is anything Burberry. I love their signature plaid print and there is no way to mistake who and what you are wearing. I have a tie, bow-tie, scarf, watch, shirt and I am still collecting. ”                 

    What grabs your attention in fashion?            

    “Variety grabs my attention. The store needs to have more than one style and designer for men. The person that I think really has great style is the gospel singer Kirk Franklin. He really pushes the envelope of fashion. Some guys don’t like to that because the “friend” said it didn’t look right. ”                      

    Do you allow trends to influence your style?                 

    “I have never followed trends. I have always tried to be a trend setter. I know that people always say that but it’s true for me. I don’t pay any attention to what designers say about what fashion is “in”.  What may be “in” may be “out” of your league. It’s important for men to dress with character. If there is any advice that I can tell men is that to never go shopping with another man or best friend. They never want you looking better than them. I know it sounds hard, but it’s true. Trust your instincts or the sales girl. ”

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