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    Tune to Lou: White Reaper Talks Touring and Forecastle
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  As someone who is not in a band, going on tour sounds intimadating. Like, sleeping. Where do you sleep?
    Sam: We’ve slept in our car a few times, but it’s all worth it. 
    Tony: We usually stay in like a Super 8 motel. Sometimes at a friend’s house. Nobody has contracted any motel diseases? 
    Ryan: Not from the motel. 
    Together: [snickering]
    Sam: They’re actually pretty clean. One time, I stepped out of the window of a motel to hang out with them because they were outside and I stepped on a tree trunk that was really—like there was a lot of ants in there.
    Nick: He tried to release thousands of tiny ants. 
    Tony: He brought ants into the hotel room. 
    Sam: There were a lot of ants and it was f*cked up. Do you have preferred sleeping buddies on tour?
    Ryan: Usually the twins sleep together and then [Tony and Ryan] do. Two and two. 
    Tony: We mixed it up a little bit on the last tour. 
    Nick: It’s only been one or two times we’ve been like, “Whoa, what’s going on?” 
    Sam: One time I slept with Tony. I’ll never forget that night. 
    Tony: Best night you ever had. 
 What is it like being on tour with your brother?
    Nick: It’s basically the same. We still live with our parents. 
    Sam: I’m not afraid to admit this anymore, but we had bunk beds until a week ago, before I moved into the basement. 
    Ryan: You’re in the basement now? 
    Sam: I moved in the basement. 
    Ryan: I’m so proud of you, dude. 
    Sam: Thank You. 
    Ryan: I want to come hang in your basement. 
 How does it feel to play your first festival in your hometown?
    Tony: We’re excited.
    Sam: I went to Forecastle last year and I didn’t think we would be playing this year at all.
    Ryan: I went to Forecastle last year and pretty much knew we would be playing the next year.
    Sam: Oh, okay, well he knew.  I would never have expected that we would play f*cking Forecastle.
 Who did you see last year at Forecastle? 
    Sam: The Replacements were probably my favorite, but I saw Beck and Outkast.
    Ryan: JaLin Roze.
    Sam: Yeah, JaLin Roze. He’s an amazing man.
 Who are you excited to see this year at Forecastle?
    Sam: Our friends Twin Peaks are playing and our label mates [Alvvays] are playing. 
    Tony: Diarrhea Planet, Jeff the Brotherhood are all friends of ours. King Tuff and Twin Limb.
    Sam: Is Broncho playing? That’d be fun to see.
 What is White Reaper’s plans after Forecastle?
    Sam: The only thing we are too concerned with is just doing a better job when we tour and recording the next album-that’s going to be better than the last.

    Photos Courtesy of White Reaper



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