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    Bit to Do

    Shootings in West Louisville erupt and leave at least three dead and have nearby
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    I was in West Louisville on 38th st today on an errand when I had to pull over to use my gps system. A police car at the gas station next to us fired up their sirens and startled us as they tore out of the parking lot. 

    Little did I know that I would arrive home to see Facebook posts about workplaces and schools being locked down and entire city blocks closed off for safety. It wasn't long before people on Facebook users started giving accounts like "Downtown Louisville has gone crazy. 6 shootings and 4 dead. Schools locked down and entire city blocks closed off" or "On lock down at work, don't make no sense how these people are just taking each others lives like it don't matter! All I can do is keep on praying". Another Facebook user posted about more shootings erupting as the media and police were handling the first, sending them scattering for cover.  

    It seems that the violence is spreading, according to the WHAS web site. There have been three confirmed locations for shootings (at different times) along 32nd street, beginning in the 1000 block  and the most recent involved an officer. Three are confirmed dead and others are injured, including a pregnant woman. The shooter is still considered at large and children are being kept at school.

    Chris Russ of Pop-a-Lock was called to unlock a car so that it could be moved in order to transport the bodies. He said that he was shocked at the way people were "posted up in their front yards like it was a picnic". 

    "There were little kids and everything, " he said. "If I were in a neighborhood with multiple shootings going on, I'd move my kids inside and try to protect them. It was crazy. I did my job and got out of there. It was the first time I've ever been called into a crime scene."

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    About Jessica Lynn

    Jessica Lynn has been writing for since fall of 2010 and has also been published in LEO, Velocity, Voice-Tribune and others after serving as Editor in Chief of The JCC student newspaper, The Quadrangle. She has also served as columnist or contributing writer to an array of online publications.

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