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    Quadcopter "drones" do battle in Louisville
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    With all the hub bub about Amazon using drones to deliver goods in thirty minutes or less one day, it seems the perfect time to announce Louisville's first ever Quadcopter battle.

    LVL1 Hackerspace is hosting a "Quadcopter Ultimate Arial Combat Competition (QUACC). It is limited to 16 competitors, who have to use a specific quadcopter, chosen for it's low price tag. The quadcopters can be modified for battle, but everyone has to start with the same base model to keep things fair (a Syma X1 Model).

    The battle will take place on December 21, 2013 at 6 p.m. at LVL1, which is located at 814 E Broadway (You have to enter in the alley around back). To register, you must fill out the form and pay the $40 fee, which includes your quadcopter, before December 11! Participants will be able to pick up their quad copters on December 14 and will have seven days to modify the drone however they  feel necessary to take down others mid-air in the single elimination tournament.  

    On the day of the competition, 3 foot crepe paper streamers will be attached to each drone. The event organizer will signal for each fight to begin and will call the winner when one competitor's quadcopter can no longer take flight or one of them runs out of battery power. If both survive, the quadcopter with the longest streamer remaining will be delcared victorious.

    Contest Rules:

    1. The event organizers may disqualify any quadcopter at any time for any reason.

    2. Any modifications applied to the quadcopter must pass the following test: “You must be willing to remain in the same room as the quadcopter if the controls are given to a psychopathic 12 year old.”

    3. You may use a controller other than the one that comes with the quadcopter. 

    Anyone is welcome to come and watch the event. You do not have to be a competitor. You do have to have a gaurdian if you are under 18, and everyone who enters the hackerspace must sign a waiver of liability their first time there. Any questions about the event can be posted to the message boards at their web site. 

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